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Sum up 2.0

So after some days of playing, what’s left over for me from the big update? I’m in a casual alliance where barely more than 4-5 people are online at the same time. So together with all the connection issues raids are not that thing also because the rewards are lame compared to the time you invest in one raid.
Then the overhaul of all Dinos… I dropped both Indos and replaced them with TenRex and Diorajasaur for the arena. That’s it.
So for me the hype vanished rather fast. I would like to have seen at least some new campaign modes. Or a feature where you can temporarily boost some dinos for a battle so that I can use more than only 10-12 Dinos out of over 200.
But at least I stay unboosted now, dropped 300 in the arena and face either 145 speed Thors where I loose or L23-25 teams where I win with my L28-L30 Team. So I never know what I face next. :see_no_evil:


Sums it up for me


Great idea, let’s try to sum it up in one picture… :ok_hand:

Match starts,
I don’t have my dentist,
They open with dentist,
Close app.




Can’t say what I want to say… but rubbish

Happy Cake Day!


Fight big boi while getting angy at different big boi

should be 1.15 since nothing chaged in the game, ame bugs same broken arena, same p2w, only chace was now we get less reward from incubators… yay

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Name should just change to Ardentistmaxima Alive



Mama… this is garbage.

Seriously though, my alliance has maybe 2 people max online at the same time so Raids are just not going to happen. It makes no sense having all these group heal and taunt and whatever other Raid-relevant abilities available in regular PvP battles, unless they are relevant to PvP and I just haven’t figured it out yet? I don’t know, it’s baffling. PvP battles take forever now and every attack seems to fill the screen with a lot of swooshing nonsense. It’s all become so overcomplicated I can’t make head or tail of it, and I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years so god knows what complete newcomers will make of it. I hate to neg but it’s just a mess.


Totally agree! Raids must be fun for the hardcore players to test different tactics and ways how to bring the bosses down. But for the casual players like me (and I think the majority of JWA players) who can’t play more than 1 hour a day this is just not working. Did anyone here meet somebody in a lobby by chance because he was hunting dinos in the same area? I doubt so…

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