Sum up the epic tourney with one screenshot one more time

Well, this is a relatively easy one.

I don’t think there are other ways to sum it up. Speedties deserve a screenshot as well


look at this thing, diplodocus has a 90% win rate and only a 3% lose rate. wooly rhino is only a rat, diplodocus is a god


Nah we gotta do this


Woolly Rhino and Diplo are just nuts. A bit of a damage nerf on them, Ludia?

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Diplo needs to swap Group Decelerating Rampage for Group Decelerating Impact. It’s two-turn damage output is still good enough to kill most cunnings, even in two strikes, but it no longer would beat chompers.


Doesn’t It just have decelerating rampage?
In any case, i think It should just get a damage nerf instead. The delay on the rampage already helps keep in in check just a little bit.

Huh, so it does. In any case, I stand by the switch. You bring up a good point about turn 1 power, but switching the power from 2x to 1.5x is a significant damage nerf, even keeping 1500 attack. It’s two turn damage output goes from 4500 to 3750 (that’s the equivalent of it’s attack getting nerfed to 1250), while nerfing the attack stat by 100 gives it a two damage output of 4200. Sure most fierce dinos would now survive, but they would be easy pickings. The other thing is that having a strike that does 1500 is really important for a lot of it’s matchups. Anything that has 3000 hp (which is most epic cunnings) can be taken down in two strikes, instead of forcing it to use it’s stronger attack to finish them off. Ideally we want to make it less effective against fierce while minimally nerfing it’s matchups against cunning, and the impact change accomplishes this exactly.

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I don’t think i mind It either way as long as It doesn’t get weaker than necessary, tho It is currently the only creature with decelerating rampage

I don’t think it would be. Plus having the impact doesn’t actually matter that much. Take Diplodocus vs Blue for example, with Diplo swapping in to use the swap in slow. Currently, Diplo takes the first attack. Then it hits Blue with RS, and blue hits it again. Diplo then finishes Blue on the second turn with another RS. With the impact, the swap in is the same, and Diplo still takes the first attack. Then Diplo can use the impact on the first turn (which it probably won’t want to do, since it will either be distracted or Blue will have dodge up). Then Diplo finishes Blue on turn 2 with RS, just like it does now.

But I also don’t think it’ll be too weak. That swap in slow is really strong by itself, and it would remain strong against cunnings, but Fierce dinos would actually be able to beat it.

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I swapped in my rhino, my rhino enters, the other player did the same before my rhino gets its swap in attack off, the other players rhino enters and gets its swap in attack off BEFORE mine and stuns me, resulting in mine losing the attack. Anybody know how this works?? I had performed resilient attack the go before and had the upper hand on the speed tie, we were both at 1 Dino lost each in the battle…I seriously don’t get it

If your Rhinos level or speed is lower than the other, they will go first, else it would be based on who did the action first. If you get stunned, they won’t lock you in and you can swap out again. Was this a skill tournament?

This one currently going on? Yes it was.