Summarizing the fanbase currently

Ludia: drops 1.7, making the game even more unfair and unbalanced

Fanbase, towards Ludia:


Oh, how the turntables.

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Dracoceratops sure looks like she means business in this picture. Lol

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It’s clear to me that the fanbase can be divided into two camps:

  • players who steal money from tip jars and honk at old ladies in crosswalks; and
  • players who won’t put Draco on their teams.

Still can’t tell which part of her body can inflict a defense shattering rampage lol

It’s the eyes for sure. :wink:

The eyes are the window to the soul. :eyes:


I used to be in the anti-rat camp… it took 1.7 to make DC a permanent member of my team and frequent MVP as my only defense against OP Thoras…
and rats :rofl:

… I choose to not ponder too deeply what that suggests about Utahsinoraptor.


Feed me more Thor and Rats

Utahsino’s eyes are pure bloodlust for me haha.


Oh no! Lol :rofl:
I always see mine with heart eyes.
She’s a gentle soul and misunderstood.

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Actually surprised that isn’t the load screen picture. Or I guess now it should be Thor.

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The loading screen should be a picture of Thor ripping off a shirt like a professional wrestler. :wink:


Lol I guess so, but it’s hard to feel that way when my dino meets one and gets taken out with 1 crit hit of 4k+ lol

I think it’s for this reason that I didn’t give my Thor any boosts. Even against the AI’s dinosaurs. She’s already powerful enough without them. I won’t judge anyone that has boosted her.

I love my Thor as is (non-boosted). :blush::heart:

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If you need a much needed victory over a Thor, you can play against mine. Lol :wink:

How insulting would not, have not done these horrible things. Nor would any of the 99% of JWA players with DC.

Id divide the players into cry bully’s who lose and try to change the rules via the forum politics and those who make the best choices they can and win.


Well, you’re going to have to just live with that characterization, because I stand by my statement [edit: if not the full weight of it, something of the insinuation]. Of course it’s an exaggeration. Of course it’s stated that way to be inflammatory and insulting. And, of course, I know it’s overwhelmingly untrue. It is, nevertheless, a truism that Draco is a cheap-shot regardless of how strategically adept the player is with its use. I think the very existence of such a creature/move is awful, and while I understand players using it out of a feeling of necessity, I can’t and won’t abide its defenders.

Instant Invincibility shield, instant distraction, cloak, dodge, instant recover and run, stun and 40% critical

There may not be an “honest” creature in the whole game.

But trying to change the rules via the forum politics doing VIP boycotts, 1 star rating an App if it doesn’t change rules your way. This to me is actually underhanded.

If DC get super nerfed next patch I’ll change it to Tenontorex and move on. No slander. No forum pester power. Just change 1 team creature.


False equivalence, all of your examples. The only example I’d agree with is if you’d included swapping-in with a counter-attack creature. Why a false equivalence? Because each one of those examples is one where the player facing them has a choice of what to do next. Draco doesn’t afford that choice. It steals a move.

And you’ve gone off the rails with suggesting that discussing it - however exaggerated - in an open forum is underhanded. No. Underhanded is reporting players to game support behind the scenes. Underhanded is attacking screen names you recognize in other ways. The very opposite is true - it’s an open and honest call-out.