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Summary of my last amazing tournament experience

Pictures speak louder than words.

t’s obvious that everyone loves to watch a stopwatch go by for a minute for nothing. Although, I wonder if it’s not as entertaining as play in the wonderful arena, the kingdom of boosts.

So, simple questions :

Tu support : do really care about that and are u really working to solve this problem in the next 6 monts ?

To players : do u often facing same issues ?

I got this message for an hour + before i finally got into a battle so yeah its quite common

I think they should give trophies/medals for waiting, if they can’t give cancel button in there.
In cases where there isn’t technical error the reason, should the player that waits get 5 trophies/medals and the one that didn’t respond should lose 5.

When I get these notifications few times in a row I usually restart the game. I that doesn’t help, then just give up fighting for a while.

Restart usually does not solve the problem. It’s clearly a server problem, not the fault of a player who doesn’t answer because it also happens when you want to make friendlies while being available together (seen in live with the person next to me).

Otherwise, agreeing with you, it would require a fair and balanced compensation (5 trophies seems ok) but that’s something (else) that Ludia doesn’t know how to do.


Yeah 5 trophies would be ok just to prevent players launching battles when they are in bad service area or have very limited time. If there are tehnical issues, then both waiting players should gain 5 trophies and nobody lose anything.

Absolutely 100% it’s a server problem.

Same as in game chat, friendlies, green supply drops etc…

Maybe the increased revenue from boosts sales could be used to get decent servers?

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here we go again… but support still don’t care… I will definitely stop the game cause of that. It’s non sense to cannot be able to play when u want and waste so match time waiting for a clock.

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