Summary of recent incorrect movesets

Here are the summary of recent incorrect movesets that I was affected:

  1. Mortern Rex: Roar increase damage for 1 attack lasting 2 turns instead of 2 attacks lasting 2 turns.
  2. Arctovasilas / Ankylos Lux: Hostile glow only attack 1 opponent instead of all opponents
  3. Ankylos Lux: Hostile Glow does not cause vulnerable if opponent swap in Grypolyth.
  4. Parasauthops: Resilient Rampage Revenge does not remove Indotaurus cloak.
  5. Parasauthops: Fierce Swap in strike does not remove Ankylos Lux invisible shield but treated it as normal shield (50% reduction).
  6. Majundaboa: On escape dust cloud does not give shield in tournament.

These dinosaurs are the “products” of Ludia, the movesets are the specifications. We spend money and time to buy these product only to realize the reality does not tally with specifications. This is clearly fraud. And therefore is natural for us to demand refund / rectification and compensation.

Ludia please take note.


Didn’t even know about them besides Mortem’s… And let’s not forget the animation of Mortem’s moves are still wrong and we’ve been pointing that out for two updates now

Thank you for providing this list for us, StormBreaker! Some of the items on the list are already being looked into by our team at the moment.

However, if you discover any new discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at It would really help our team out.

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Mortem’s animations were fixed already

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And the legendary bear (while now it gets A speed boost) its only 10% not 50% @Ned

The description mentioned that it increases speed 50% for 1 turn, there isn’t a problem. However, the legendary bear seems not providing shields and damage buff for the team in raid as mentioned.

Yea but it only gets 10% speed not the 50%!