Summer gaming safety


So it’s summer yet again, the mercury is climbing, and JWA gamers are out in force, most of them during the hottest part of the day. Unfortunately, players of AR games can suffer from diminished situational awareness (as they’re trying hard to nail as many rare or epic dinos as possible) - and this can lead to a trip to the ER for dehydration or heatstroke in no time at all.

So here’s what I think would be helpful to players, especially in summer: “Hydration/Cooling” stations along the map at certain points (usually at map locations that contain fast-food places/grocery stores/convenience stores) that will basically tell the player, “Okay, you’ve cooked yourself long enough, time to get some water before you keel over.”

Another thing that could be added to ensure player compliance would be a 15-20 minute period that happens upon entering one of these points. Game play isn’t possible until the timer counts down.

This is just a suggestion, and I hope it’s one that Ludia takes seriously, as I’m sure it doesn’t want people (especially in the southern states) dropping like flies. Maybe they could do something like this as a summer event only.

Something to think about.

Until then, be safe out there, make regular water stops on your route, and get plenty of shade when necessary. Your life is ultimately more important than a digital dino, no matter how rare it is.


Great tips! And always make sure to keep sun block of any kind during high UV days.

Check your city’s UV levels here: