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Summer Windshear gone

Your latest update today removed Summer Windshear from the book of Dragons and all of my teams. Please replace her asap.

Try to refresh. There was a small update I believe.

Not only removed from book of dragons but my summer windshear is completely gone from my inventory.

Arena barely working either

why was the dragon removed from the game?
I spent quite a few ruins getting the dragon!
I also spent quite a bit leveling the dragon
Are we getting reparations are you going to give me back my dragon will it still be the same level when you took it away?

I am very upset I like the dragon and was using it to very good effect!
if you answer any of my questions it should be why you took the dragon away.

Hey Vikings, the issue should have been fixed. Could you please try force closing and relaunching your game? Thanks! :smiley: