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Sunday 03/17 theme epic strike plan


Hi everyone, as usual I create a topic to prepare for those “hard” tower.

What we are going to face:

Erlidominus 23
hp: 2592 atk: 1296 speed: 129 crit: 20%

Thor 24
hp: 3810 atk: 1488 speed: 109 crit: 40%

Indoraptor 25
hp: 3715 atk: 1334 speed: 128 crit: 20%

I already found a plan for this one if they come in the order of the greater lvl to the lower so it would be indo first then thor then erli but we’ll see Sunday when the higher lvl players will have done it.

I also I suppose that neither erli and indo will use cloak or evasive stance. Expect them to crit at least once though.

I erased my plan cause it’s not indoraptor that comes first but Thor …


I thought that was false information and real sunday stroke is this.

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This is the Saturday one :slight_smile:

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What I have so far:

Allosinosaurus (17+) can take Erlidominus.
Suchotator can take Indoraptor (if lucky with attack orders)

Thor… is problematic although I do like the Proceratomimus as a natural counter. Anything with a distracting-impact seems like the way to go.


Oh yeah allosino or thor are great to counter erli too, didn’t think of that ^^ but erli doesn’t have to crit … at lvl 20 allosino can solo erli.

In my plan you can replace deino by allo/thor , it will work, doesn’t have to fear a crit of erli.


Would the same thing work with

Monosteg 22
Procera 18
Draco 25
Deino 20

Also what happens if the order changes

Please forgive the abbreviation of dinosaurs but they are the same as you stated

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Yep it will work too, but we need to wait who is coming first first ^^

Need to think more about it if thor or erli comes first


Remember the RNG it often changes on the order from one to another


Btw have you come up with a plan yet for the super boss 3 30 unique yet


No, not yet, didn’t think about it as I don’t think I have a chance ^^’

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Sorry, my bad!

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It changes the moves a bit but order on the first attempt is usually pretty set.


This is great Pepito, I love the Deino finish. You keep stepping it up. Nice.


I anticipated if erli use speed up strike but you can simply go with allosino/utasino/thor and instant charge at the end

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I think there is a fair chance Erlidominus opens so we may need another plan.
I’m a bit worried my Stegodeus survives too long and Procerathomimus doesn’t get the Nullify in pre Thor. But I can find a solution here.

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Already told you for this scenario :wink:


I edit the post in case it’s not thor that’s come after indo


Wait but we cant get both of these… Becuz these are way to hard for advanced level, which is what the themed sunday one is

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I agree, those theme tower are becoming real hard. Too bad they dont differentiate the Wednesday one from the Saturday one. Maybe they can use the expert difficulty …


Procerathomimus is no go against Erlidominus. As Erli is immune, you need to pray to RNG god with Evasive.

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