Sunday coin chase

Okay so we were promised coin in the spring event crates but last week it was awful dna and now it’s back again? Getting robbed of 100k coin in 2 weeks is not very fun.

@Ned could you ask the team why they decided to do this?


Yeah. Back to back weeks of this being a disaster without even an acknowledgment of what or why. You can’t even tap the “i” (info) to see what the possible contents are.


This really stinks, they take away the coin and give us junk dna in the chest every 4-6 hrs @Ned is this what we can expect from now on? No coin, just garbage dna


In the spring event post they said collect as many coins as you can, well theres no coin to collect…


:poop:again! Nobody listens! So many complains and they do this again! Only one focus now - :dollar:


Yeah I tried too would not open

yessir :slight_smile:,


Pretty much every special event from (and including xmas) has been worse than the standard coin chase, been complained about emphatically by the community, and summarily ignored.
I missed last weeks as i was offline, so didnt see this then (though i annoyingly missed out on darting some useful legendary and unique dna), this has to be the worst example of a bait and switch special event in the last 6mths, which says something given lvl 20 players have had about half a mill in coins taken out of their proverbial pocket in that time.

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This would honestly be my breaking point for this game. I feel this is forcing the pay to win even more and taking away the one coin-rush we are guaranteed each week.

Also FIX rampage

Cunning Rampage does not clear DOT
Cleansing Rampage does not clear reduced damage


Why did anyone think getting 25 common DNA from a treasure chase was a good idea? It’s called Treasure Chase, not Lucky Penny Randomly Found On The Ground Chase. Is a decent amount of coin from these too much to ask for?


In fairness i got 25 epic, but thats beside the point. Its still not 50k coins.
I wouldnt be hopeful of any respose from ludia, and much as i hate to say it the mods dont often seem terribly interested in these specific threads, or have any clout in terms of recompense going by the last 6mths.


I don’t even understand how the spawn works. I only find one and then it disappears, and there’s no others on the map at all. At least with the normal ones you could walk around and open multiple per hour. This is just worse in every way.


I got 25 iguanadon and 25 tenonto. I don’t think I’ll do anymore. I’d hate to be too greedy.

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every 4 hours they reset and you can collect another for a total of 6 times so 150 common dna total

Iguanadon this time. Utter joke.

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Ludia, this is the second week in a row where the coin chase boxes have 25 unneeded DNA, only once every couple hours.

WHERE ARE THE COINS??? Myself and others have complained about this last week and today yet nothing has been fixed.
This is unfair to all players.
You are well aware of it, so please fix it and compensate us for the inconvenience!!


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Came here to report the same thing @Ned


Nobody, not a single player in this game, either veteran or beginer will actually consider 25 common DNA as useful, not even us, the players who don’t play competitively. This is no treasure chest and we are tired of every single special event giving less rewards than a casual chase. Disrespectful is a very small word to describe the situation at this point.


So basically I could spend 30 seconds darting a random dino and get twice the dna I’d get from this entire special event. Nice.


You could spend 30secs darting one dino and get 12x what you do from this event.