Sunday coin chase


Hopefully someone notifys the team

Ha, they knew this. Same thing happened last week and so many complaints. Gues the latest leadership is very bad in listening and only focus on $$$


hey i got 25 common para why would i complain :stuck_out_tongue: all teh coins are in the fidget spiiners on a stiiiick so you shoulget the25k by…next month

I got 2 epics the last 2 I’ve done and I’m still upset.

This is beyond a joke and not a word from JamCity/Ludia is further proof that the promise of better communication this year was far from the truth.

I used to look forward to having a good long walk and the opportunity to spin coin chase drops on a Monday morning. These completely pointless drops are absolute garbage that are about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Does no one there understand the basic concept of good business practice? Surely you must know you can’t give something to your customers then take it away again without a backlash.

How long will the game last if this practice continues?


Hey DPG members, I’m going to forward the Coin Chase findings to our team to see if I can get more information on this! :thinking:

Thank you for your patience.


Thanks @Ned can you also relay this question? I asked in the April community update.

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Thanks this has happened twice in the matter of 2 weeks -100,000


Any word from Ludia?

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Told you…

Will be mysteriously ignored till this thread drops off the screen, just like every other time over the last 6mths.

Hey Sharkyking450, E.D provided an update today on the Easter Chase event. We have also forwarded the feedback regarding the DNA content in the treasure chase to our team.


The dna content was a joke I would guess maybe late April fools.


Waste of 100000 coins (50k x 2 weeks)! :man_facepalming:


Dw we needed 25 common dna over coin

No. Not in any situation

I can’t express how upsetting it is for me too

I had the same thought. It must be a change in the team and leadership for things to be going so bad lately… It’s disappointing. I hope it gets better, not worse like it has been

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I’m guessing they said let’s just hope they forget about it and keep putting up with our business strategy’s


The response is a few posts up. They always intended for it to be a rubbish dna only event.