Sunday coin chase

Hey, Ludia is doing what the players wanted: They wanted changes, not every time the same etc. And now they do exactly that what is wished for!
On the other hand they want to make money with the app. So they can’t give out everything for free. You’ve to buy coins now!

Well that’s not true, I don’t think the players asked for 25 common dna instead of coin, and secondly buy them? Yeah bucks aren’t that available for people who don’t spend money on the game.

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You misunderstood me on purpose, Sharkyking, or what?
I’ve said that many players wanted to have changes in the game. That’s meant generally of course!
So Ludia was changing something. The battle format for the tournaments to 1 vs 1 was not appreciated. Now they’ve changed the next thing and it gives again complaining.
That’s what I’ve said and meant!
Next time when you can’t understand someone, ask whoever to explain the topic to you! That can’t be impossible!

Yes players want a level of variation, it keeps things fresh, however the fact is you are being disingenuous, you know full well that when players ask for variation they are asking for something on a similar level not significantly worse.
The fact is, in terms of events, Ludia has been inundated with complaints, mostly regarding ‘special events’ being inferior to standard play but other related issues also, for every such event in the last 5 months, to double down on that knowing this fact by basically giving a few hundred basic dna across a weekend was at best farcical and at worse a kick in the ‘you know whats’.