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Sunday epic strike plan


So, as I don’t see any topic about it, I create one but I don’t have a plan for this one personally as I’m more of a mid lvl player except to play the luck card with evasive dinos (indoraptor, indomimis,…) . I think high lvl player can do it though.

For reminder:

Utarinex 30
Hp: 5105
Atk: 1884
Speed: 126

Uthasinoraptor 30
Hp: 3647
Atk: 1993
Speed: 127

Darwinopterus 30
Hp: 3647
Atk: 1228
Speed: 129

I suppose Darwin will swap in at turn 2 as he do that in others strike tower.

Let’s share ! (If you want to ^^’)


Start with Stegodeus (any lvl will survive first hit) and shield, then SS, Rampage. If Darwin swaps in, swap to Procerathomimus: ID, DR, Evasive. Darwin dead or swaps out. Evasive Stance if swaps out, ID, DR. Swap to Dracocera. Rinex or Utahsino dead. Need to think about finish.

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I think my Saturday plan can work with higher lvl Dinos (that I don’t have) you need at least a lvl 27 stegodeus to kill Darwin though and to be able to swap to dracocera for the next Dino… didn’t run the math as I don’t have that.


Need to survive IC behind shield (need to run calculations, but lvl 19 should be enough probably (even lower if Utasino or Rinex don’t crit) to get SS and Rampage.


Hi everyone, I found a plan that can work if you dont get crit. I dont have those lvl for my procera but some have I’m sure.

The team and strat

Procerathomimus lvl 21
Indominus lvl 20
2 swap in bleeders

Open with indom with cloak

If utasino first, hope that you dodge his critical impact
If utarinex , you survive if you dont dodge and uta doesn’t crit.

Rampage on Darwin (hopefully he swaps in at turn 2)

Darwin dies

One of the uta comes

Swap to a sia bleeder
Uta kills him and bleed

Procera comes, instant distraction then distracting rampage.

If utarinex, he will impact and run after rampage of procera

Utasino comes in

Swap to another bleeder

Utasino kills him and bleed

Procera comes back , instant distraction, rampage and finish utasino

Utarinex comes back and get killed by procera


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I’m going to try it out with:

Lvl 24 Ankylocodon
Lvl 21 Tryo
Lvl 23 Stegod
Lvl 22 Dracocera (back up)

Anky can 1v1 the Uta’s long enough to slow them down and dish out some damage to get a set up for Tryo. If Darwin swaps in, I don’t need to fear about bleed either.
If I can get Tryo powered up, it’ll do some serious damage as well.
^ Both are immune too, so no stuns or bleeds I need to worry about.

Stegod can tank a lot of the damage and if need be, I can swap to Dracocera for a finishing blow.

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I’m afraid tryo will not survive a lot, you need to play it well because he is slower than the 3 dinos

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I had considered that, as I plan on having Anky slow them down first before I bring Tryo out.

Its a bit risky I’ll admit, but I want to spice things up some.

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Dont forget Darwin can cleanse too …


I know :slight_smile:
It can cleanse but not heal.


So you open with anky ?


Yup. That’s the plan.


Might try with Indoraptor lvl 25 and evasive (if Utarinex comes first) Then cleanse in Darwin). Here gets tricky, if Indo crits on cleanse APS is enough to finish Darwin otherwise DSR is a must. If Indo dodged Utarinex attack then is ful health, so can tank one hit without crit. APS and DSR to kill one of remaining duo. Or just swap into Procera lvl 20 to tank IC then ID and DR, swap to Dracocera lvl 18. One Uta dead. Stegodeus lvl 24 for remaining one and Indo for cleanup.

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My plan:

Step 1: Pick Indominus Level 18
Step 2: Pray
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit


I will wait to see which one is coming first and plan more precisely accordingly


Well here are the data for tomorrow:

I’m going with Rinex will be first is my bet lol

Most likely AI setup:
Distract Impact (swap to Darwin can happen on turn 2 or 3, if yours is 3 it’ll do Instant Charge on turn 2 thanks). Remember this is one of two variation hence most likely. Some folks got variation 2 for Rinex which is Distract Impact followed by Impact and Run
Darwin: Cleansing Impact then pin strike twice
Utasino: Crit Impact, Instant Charge, Distract Impact

P.S. If you KO’d the first dino with a swap in AI strategy, the next dino will probably be the non-swapping dino and the swap in will most likely occur after that dino if you don’t KO it as well.

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FYI Darwin swap in can happen turn 1 also. Got me today. Had to scramble up a new plan on the fly.

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For now, I will try with this:

Indominus 20
Procera 20
2 swap in bleeder

Indominus first , cloak , rampage
Hopefully he’ll evade and Darwin swap in turn 1 or 2.
Darwin dies.

Utasino enter
Swap toast bleeder
Get killed by critical impact

Procera enter and instant distraction
Hopefully utasino instant charge

Procera distracting rampage
Utasino distracting impact

Procera Nullifying strike
Utasino dies

Utarinex come back
Swap to another swap in bleeder

Utarinex distracting impact
Kill the bleeder

Indominus comes back
Cloak (hopefully he evades one hit)

Rampage and done…

Lots of luck needed though.


Does long invinciblity still mess up strike missions?


I think it’s fixed