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Sunday epic strike tower plan


Hi everyone, I thought it could be nice to share our plan for the Sunday strike tower to help each other.

For reminder, we are going to face tryostronix and dimetrodon lvl 30, immune dinos both.

Personally, I already made a plan with lvl 20 dinos, just indoraptor that is 22. Its not a plan for low low lvl though.

Edit: so I post my team and strategy. I consider the opponent crit every turn and it should work. No crit from my dinos too.


Indoraptor 22
Diloranosaurus 18
Raptor 20
Allosinosaurus 20

Start with allosino whoever comes first
Impact then instant charge
Allosino dies

If tryostro first

Finish him with raptor

Dime comes
Strike once with raptor and raptor dies

Go indo cleanse and dsr done

If dimetrodon first

2nd dino is dilora
Distracting impact , impact and run to indo
Dime dies

Tryostro comes
Indo cleanse, dsr
Indo dies

Raptor pounce. Done.


this is a hard one. maybe indo and indo rex. reply on dodge lol


Will use dilo to two shot whichever comes first, and then rampage and run chained into swap in dsr


But for lower level players im sure metahub will come out with something


I’ll use Indo, Tryo and Monostego. Thinking about Tany or Utahsino (need to survive possible critical).


Bleed ‘em both dry


yup that invisible blood lol


it shouldnt be to hard for high levels. ill probably hit n run a couple times then tank the finish with no casualties. trying to think of a strat for low levels.


Dime: highest first turn damage = 2736
Tryox: highest first turn damage = 3145
*including critical chance

Dime speed: 113
Tryox speed: 124

Dime health: 4850
Tryox health: 4740

This isn’t gonna be easy for entry levels at all


I edit my original post with mt team and strategy for mid lvl players


Exactly , with tryo and his 20% crit and dimetro who will probably use critical impact. Not many low lvl can take that

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if tryo vs diloran, tryos crit wins by 10 hp lol

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Diloran doesn’t face tryo for me


no i lied. by alot more, yours is lvl 18 only


if you use something slower against tryo itll probably rtc?


your lvl 22 indo will defeat either of them then you can strike the next one before dying. then bring in dilo for the win.

edit: if indo gets no crits then no it wont kill one. i take that back.

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Already did the math ^^’


Dang, two level 30’s with immunity? So much for the bleed play. Don’t think my mid-levels are gonna cut it. Like they say though, it’s free so may as well give it a shot. With a little luck I may have Indoraptor by then and can go for the RNG approach.


erlidominus cloak rampage :scream:
22 1-shots either one of them

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unless it fails. tryo will eat um then have a dsr charged