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Sunday epic strike tower plan

What you average dino lvl ? I think mid lvl can do it , low lvl not so much without luck

My average is around 19. Lot of 18’s but a few 20/21’s as well. Would love a strategy.


Screen shots ?

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What is Thursday’s tower? I didn’t see a topic for it.

Just a 30 spinotah… should be easy


There is a topic but it’s far far away on topics

Yeah make a screenshot of your dinos so we can help you as we can

I’ll start with Tryo if Dimetro starts and with Indo if Tryo starts. Utasino and possibly Dracocera for cleanup.

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That’s why I start with allosino, in both situation I can get rid of them x)

if it crits and your dodge fails

I’m counting on you all! All I can think of is totally reliant on dodges working. Pretty sure tryo will use rtc which buys a turn, but would need to one shot it at that point. At a loss for a good plan.

It may even be worth taking Monomimus out of retirement for this one

Post your dinos , maybe we can work something for you

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Tryko is new and haven’t used him much at all yet. I appreciate your kindness.

You’re joking right?

What would you use?

Seeing this I would just start with indoraptor (if no crit it can still leave any starting dino with under 500 hp) utarinex comes in takes out the almost dead dino. Next dino can’t one shot even a lvl21 utarinex (even if crit). Utarinex distracting impact followed by impact and run into dracocera and game over.


Hey looks like everyone is collaborating…nice! Sorry technical issues but I want to help!

Strategy is speed and brute force. If dimetro comes out first just make sure you can take it’s critical impact with it critting at 2736.

The predicted AI movesets I have are:
Dimetro moveset (most likely): Critical Impact, DSI, DSS
Trystronix moveset (most likely): RTC, Rampage, Strike

Table for numbers already given above:


For tryo maybe ferocious between dsr and strike or at first skill no?

Indo 24
Spinotasuchus 24
Suchatator 29
Dracoceratops 22

Start with Indo Cleanse for 1900 damage
Absorbs one hit, then DSR for 2500 damage.
If either hit crits, then I win and still get another shot on the next guy. But assuming worst case scenario, I drop in Spinotasuchus and finish him off.

Then Spino hits with crit impact. He can absorb one hit and then hit again. Altogether about 2600 in damage if no crits. This will leave about 2100 left. All I need is something to survive one hit and deliver a blow. Suchatator has 5400 HP. I’m hoping at this point that one of 3 things happens. Either I’m facing Dimetrodon who cant even take him out with a crit. Or tryo already used DSR on its second move. (If he uses ready to crush second move I win anyways cause suchatator would get 3 hits on him before dying) or he uses DSR and doesnt get a crit. But as long as I get one shot in, I can finish him off easily with dracoceratops. I like those odds overall. And if I happen to get any crits off at all, then it will be a cake walk for me.