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Sunday epic tower

So how come Sunday’s planned epic tower is out on Saturday? More incompetence or is it a surprise extra tower in addition to another one on Sunday? Wait what am I thinking? A surprise that benefits players? LMAO.

I actually didn’t even realize that, I just did the Strike but forgot that it’s usually Sunday when they come out.

You’re not supposed to mention it!

I’m sorry, but the temptation to point at the incompetence is too great!


It lasts two days. It doesn’t matter.


Holy snaps me neither! I just log into my game and see that I have an event box right inside my inner circle, an Epic strike tower and a rare strike tower, and think to myself - “OoooH! ToDaY MuSt Be my LuCKy dAy!”

So does that mean that we don’t get a tower tomorrow?

Maybe i’m too laid back but i’d understand a complaint if it was a day too late, not too soon…

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It’s not a complaint persay, just more inaccurate advertisements on top of all their other inaccurate advertisements.