Sunday’s strategy

How is everyone approaching this one?

My plan: give 110%

Backup plan:
Spinotasuchus 22
Utahsinoraptor 23
Gorgosuchus 25
Indoraptor 26


Lmao great movie. And Liz Hurley in that one :+1:

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  • Monomimus (17)
  • Gorgosuchus (19)
  • IRex (19)
  • Stegodeus (21)

I will open with Gorgo, then Mono and I’m going to finish with Stego against Irritator (thago and APR to finish him).

My plan is simple:

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Ok you with your all mid 20s dinos. Show off.

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This should be easier than today’s tower. I hope players that struggled with the one last week and Saturday’s will be able to beat it. Seems there is no middle of the road with these. Strike events are either too easy with no chance of epic or too challenging that leave too many players left without. Maybe that is why there is some very undesirable DNA in the epic towers…
23 megalo
20 gorgo
24 steg
Hope that does it! Good luck all!

you can use a spinothraptor lvl 15. monolophosaurus lvl15 and megalosuchus mine was level 17

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For the T Rex gen 2, I used a suchotator. First used lethal wound, then instant distraction, and then finished it off with a superiority strike (I have a high level suchotator). I was then able to use a nullifying impact against the dimetrodon before it died. Then my indoraptor finished it off.

I personally like suchotator over spinotasuchus because (1) ingredients are very easy to get, (2) like that it has nullifying impact (so I can still use it against indoraptors, monominus, and indominus rex) and superiority strike.

image image

Did it but I almost lose because of the critics! Be careful!! :muscle:t2:

Can you tell us what you faced and what you used

Just complete, no worries it but crap dna.

Opened with monolotredon (24) which killed of Rex with distraction first then finished with a lvl 23 indo. Had lvl 21 I Rex and monimous (18) as backup.

Was that the final battle

All three, only used mono and indo as didn’t need anything else :slight_smile:

What were the final 3 you faced and levels?

From memory T. rex 21, gorgo 20? And I think it was irritator around 21.

I really should start writing them down! Or paying attention

Just smash through with irex and my pyrittator is the plan if gets messy send in velo aswell

Final level is 22 Rex, 23 Irri, and 21 Gorgo.

L20 Pyrritator took down all openers and some second strings … Stegodeus L25, Suchotator L20 and Indoraptor L23 took turns mopping up depending on how I felt … no real scares but no AI crits either which would have made things more uncomfortable …