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Sunday Strike 10/3

Probably didnt need to use Vexus but love the rewards for once! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m still without erlidom and wonder how well a 26 green chicken would do, or 28 thor?

Mines only 21. My luck hell kill me while invisible lol

Depends on the order I guess! Utahraptor may two hit it. Utarinex I guess depends on if it distracts and runs like usual.

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Vexus’s animations win!

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Shame he was flattened :frowning: lol

I used 23 dilorach, 23 magna, 25 indor and 25 stegod and managed to win even though the rinex crit on di, utah crit on ic and darwin crit on pinning


Do you remember the moveset of utarinex and uthasino ? Did Darwin swap in turn2 ?

(first attempt) For me utarinex used: distracting impact - instant charge - impact and run into darwin
Darwin: cleansing impact - pinning strike
Utasino: critical impact - instant charge

(second attempt): darwin started - utarinex (decelerating strike) - utasino (used decelerating strike)

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Pteranadon and brachiosaurus dna for me from it. Bleh…

alanqa and spino gen2 here :smiley: only good thing was 400 something irritator dna

Thunder bird for the win! :grin: nicely done @Alex_Dhir


Indoraptor pretty much won it for me with all of the evading. I got Alanqa and Secodontosaurus, trash as usual haha

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