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Sunday Strike Video


Why I love Thor… was hoping for a crit on dime! :zap:


Oops, I created a topic too …

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L24 Spinota vs Tryo
Critical Impact - Ferious Strike (Crit)
Lethal Wound - DSR; Spinota dead

L26 Dilorach vs Tryo
Distracting Strike; Tryo dead

L26 Dilorach vs Dime
Rampage and Run into SIA L24 Dracocera; Dime Dead :rofl:

L27 Indoraptor on standby

Truly horrendous DNA; Koola and Maiasaurus for the epics (new creature discovered but not enough to create it)

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I beat it on my hubby’s account with lvl 19 allosino, lvl 16 utasinoraptor, and lvl 20 indom.


It went pretty well, thought it would be far more difficult…
Started with blue (19) shield and pounce…next one was pyrritator (20) with api and Distracting rampage…then indo (23) came in with cleansing impact and i finished it with a swap to dracoceratops (22) … i could also use my indo to finish, but this way it was a bit cooler :stuck_out_tongue: