Sunday's Epic Strike Tower

Tag team of Pyrritator L20, Stegodeus L25, Indoraptor L23 and Suchotator L20 … no real scares. Had a 24 battle incubator as well so 3 in 24 hours … sweet. Not bad DNA either.

What did you get from sundays epic incubator?

I tend to take any useful DNA as a bonus … think the most useful was 400+ Irritator and 200 ish T-Rex. Need 80000 coins to level up my Indoraptor and three epic incubators has given me 45000 ish coins … should do it tomorrow. Have plenty of others to level but nothing else which will pay immediate dividends.

Irritator and T-Rex worth mentioning.

I got a whole 1 Trex DNA…

Well that was disapointing got 13 trex and 0ver 200 secondo and 22 irittator :expressionless: