Super balanced spawn rate


What pay to win? You can find rares and epic everywhere!


I sense sarcasm. But yeah agreed.


yes commons spawn all the time


That’s a lot of Einiosaurus…:sweat_smile:


Yes, Einiasuchus led me to 3’3k trophies, its the only overlevel in my team


certainly have not seen situations like this in awhile. Prob still hit maybe 3-6 epics a day maybe. But if I’m not feeling a area I’ll just drive to another biom. Get out and start walking around.


Talking as if the capture wasnt taken 1’5 kilometres away from home during my every day walk. Genius.


Actually it’s right next to my home. Genius

here’s another same area.


oh here some house spawns. GENUIS


Is anybody tilted? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Lol keep walking, maybe you’ll find some epics :sunglasses::clap:t2:


Yes I tilt my darts for maximum penetration. Mmphh. :joy:


Have not such a sad life to keep in my phone captures of every dinosaur I find sorry, but I could show still no epics, GL mate.


No just house spawns, and doubles mostly. Would you like to see more doubles? :0


Also your screen shot not a bad thing still using my einasuchus at 200 rank. Going be hard taking him off the team.


450000 coins?
How much have you spent in this game ?


If you want to know…
Every level up one time offer cost 50 USD will give you about 200k+ coins.

Or if you just want additional coins, you can pay 4500 cash in game to exchange 250k coins.
So it won’t cost more than 100 USD.

(But I think this isn’t the amount he spent, just analyze how much you must pay for 450k coins)


sometimes lady luck comes and sometimes it doesnt come for me its 50/50


Pretty accurate, two 49.99 deals. Basically getting the 250k coins and DNA at the cost of just the 7000k cash. Deal expensive but rewarding to those who can afford. But those coins are long gone, lol. About to be lvl 13 might give me more, not sure yet :confused:


could you explain to me why your screen shot picture is titiled:
I am pretty sure iphone 10 doesn’t do that.