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Super boosted THORs are a crutch, and they’ll be back

These turkeys will be back after the boost refund. Players who employ them along with lower level creatures are dependent on them, they don’t know how to win without them.

I know a crutch when I see one.

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One of you just threw in the towel after I demolished your 29 level Thor with 2800 attack and 140 speed.

What no defence of fave turkey? Truth hurts. Happy boosting!

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I can easily beat other players without Thor.
However, I boost my Thor so I dont have to waste a lot of time on strike towers.


I don’t hate thor. I hate thor with 30 boosts

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Maxima is one reason why they won’t completely leave. I’ve also seen the crutch of Magna often. The there’s nothing you can do ones. You can’t stun me or distract me or tank my hits. I’ll distract chompers and chomp through tanks crutch.

What you can expect after the refund is a surge of Phorusaura. I’ve seen people use unboosted ones as revenge killers or last hopes. Imagine them suddenly having a bunch of boosts to place on them.

Edit to throw in: Especially after being passed Maiasaura for two weeks.

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I hate Maia more than Thor. I’ve seen crutch Maya boosted to the heavens and they are harder to deal with than Thor.

Oh great he’s here

Who’s here? Is the guy above you ‘well known’ or something?

A very big Indo Gen 2 hater on Instagram, self proclaimed ‘dank’. Check out his Instagram page(of the same username), literally every 3 post is a Indo Gen 2 hate post


would hardly call magna a crutch given how difficult irritator DNA is to acquire outside of sanctuaries or the odd incubator. Granted its difficult to deal with if it has distraction ready or a rampage, most magnas are still a 2 shot for a erlidom, Orion, indo gen 1-2 and spyx.

As long as sino DNA and boosts are so easy to acquire crutch Thors will always exist.

Hi how r u all

Magna’s not a crutch

We all hate boosted Thors (except their users) but the next update will bring a new max boosted Dino to the party.

I have Thor at lvl 29 (could pay the 250k for 30) that has a few boosts but that was for campaign. No speed boost on it. I have other dinos for dealing with the nitros but we will have to see what changes in the coming weeks / months.

I personally hate losing to someone who doesn’t have any strategy and relies on chomp chomp IR. I’ve lost to players with other overly boosted dinos but Thor is the flavour of the month due to its availability. The first time I’d properly seen it in action was in Gaming Beavers attempted speed run of the campaign. Other people viewing that and seeing the damage it did with boost would’ve been persuaded to get in on the action.

Boosts are the issue not Thor. Players with no strategy will also look for some crutch whatever form it takes.

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People with boosted thors like myself are actually considering should I puty boosts back on. Ardent takes out my thor in 2 goes.

I would, but I have 9 better crutches than Thor so I won’t unless there is a weekend tourney for him to come off the bench

I’m going to laugh when Thor gets a rework that people don’t read about that makes it worse. They boost it like crazy again and then come on here and complain about it :rofl:


You have no control over my life and can’t tell me whether I can be here or not

Thors will be back without rework. Though big rework is coming, who knows how will shake the arena.

Never said you can’t be here, don’t stuff words into my mouth.

“They will be back”… They have never been gone, at least not in low library/high aviary