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Super crazy backwards analysis: what if dc is the solution, not the problem?

I’ve not pitched a totally wacky idea in a while (I think lol) so as I pondered the swap in rampage problem I wondered - is that really the problem? Or is the problem much larger scale?

What if the problem isn’t the rat, but the fact we can’t safely use all 4 dinos?

Take your normalcy hat off for a second, flip it upside down, inside out and turn it backwards- that’s it - now put it back on.

What if we had to kill 4 dinos instead of 3? Would it be as big a deal? What if the real problem is that the rest of the dinos cant be easily swapped in to be used?

Perhaps the rat isnt the problem. Perhaps it’s the solution, and the other dinos need to catch up.

Ok, back to getting my face pushed through the back of my skull by, ahem, rats.


If you boil it down, the only problem people really have with the rat is they can’t see it coming…

Thor about to impact chomp your butt for 4000 and nothing you can do about it? That’s fine, stand there and take it like a, well, dino.
DC sawps in for 2700 - OP MONSTER! Rat! Destroy the rat!!!


Actually, I can see it coming pretty well. Even when the opponent doesn’t get hasty to kill whatever I had out on round 1 or 2. My problem is that all you need is to have a heavy hitter to hit only once into a low HP creature, and then the rat can be swapped in and I just KNOW it’s coming … but I either have a half-chewed critter to swap to, or I have a full HP tank that can do nothing to the rat because next their Thor or Indo or whatever chomper is saved up and can just pick up from where the rat left.

Seems like you have the opponents strategy down pretty well… now what can you do to disrupt it or make it not a viable strategy?

Let’s see…
I could get Alankylo to swap in and deny Rat the rampage. But then in comes Thor to chomp it down so stopping rat didn’t do anything.
I could swap to Noodle Titan and try to fight the rat, but then rat will stun it and rampage it, then swap to Thor that will destroy the Noodle.
I could get Thylacotator, swap it in to deny the rat the rampage. But then rat just escapes anyway and Thor comes in, chomps Thyla once, then rat comes back to end it.
I could get an overgrown apatosaurus and keep the rat captive, but I don’t really want to use one and I’ll lose most of the fights where I’d not have the apato saved up if I get down to 2-2.
Main solution is: do not allow opponent to get 2 takedowns.


With that kind of thinking, yes, you will always lose.

Well how can I both keep the critters I want on my team and survive a 2-2 with a high attack rat?
This is my team, so it’s probably almost never going to do well in 2-2 situations:

I’m suggesting, in a nutshell, that DC gives a 1 dino advantage.

And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe we should be more free to use all 4 dinos.

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Oh I know when the Rat is coming. It happens when the timer starts winding down and it takes the opponent until the last second to swap in Evil Incarnate Rat. I usually time it at the 12 second mark.

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I’d say go to dinos that don’t lock down when you swap to them - tarkus has a great counter attack and ID, if you know DC is coming, go to it at the same time? If DC takes out one of your dinos you can go to erlidom - cloak and rampage… if it’s 2-2 and you know that DC is going to swap out - be sure that whatever comes in is going to take a good whack. Indom is good too - immune, higher health, cloak.

Sometimes just chasing it off is the way to deal with it.

Why kapro?

Also, I just reread the OP and realized that what he’s talking about is using more swap in creatures and DC is just ahead of the swap in game. As someone who uses a number of swap in stuff - I agree with this line of thinking. DC is just the most obvious example.

EDIT: On my team I have a swap in bleed, swap in distract, swap in stun, swap in dodge, and a good counter attacker I can swap to, plus 2 cloak and a MF dino.

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I’m talking specifically 2-2 situations where there’s Thor (or Indo, or some other chomper) out on the field and a full HP rat that I suspect opponent has even though there is a small chance it’s not there.
Otherwise if opponent reveals rat early on, I do use Erlidom or sometimes Spyx against it, or trick it into getting counter-struck.
But if it’s 2-2 and high damage creature vs whatever, I could have anything out there, if it takes 1 hit, the rat will likely come and kill it. On rare occasions my Erlidom can survive a swap in if I swap it in at the same time, and then rampage the rat. But that’s rare.
Kapro works as an extra DC control. If I have utasino out and Utasino can’t 1 hit the rat, I can instead distract the rat and then swap in the Kapro to kill the rat. Then the Kapro can cleanse while hitting whatever’s coming. Kapro’s also useful against cloaked stuff that is low on HP and is about to wipe out my tanks.

Ahh, that 2/2 situation. Then I’d say you’re kind of screwed. Not much you can do there.

Your game will advance past that though, with time and grinding. People who use DC tend to rely on it so much that they just get stuck don’t know how to play without it. Small consolation right now, I know. :v:

Let’s take it a step further shall we? Puts crazy hat back on… what if EVERY dino had some sort of swap in ability??

The main terrifying thing is the 2.0 boost style.
The best way to distribute boosts on many creatures is medium to low HP, max or near max attack, and maybe some speed. Draco can max out on attack and never see the field before the 2/2. So there will be many creatures that will get hit with a T20 attack Draco while best they have is T15 maybe in HP. My Carnotarkus is going T20 HP and T10 attack, so that might help in the end. Not so much vs Nitro Thors though.

Swap in stun for Tenontorex anyone?


The only thing that would suck about that is then every dino would be locked down after swapping in. I like that some can swap in without being locked down (counter attackers). Even if they have no swap in effect, it can still be useful to swap to another dino.

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Fair point. Dont forget immune dinos are, well immune. And immunity to swap prevention is also a thing.

But I get what you’re saying. So maybe not counter attackers.

Rat provides at the end of the day dino advatanage cause when you swap it it isnt just taking a free hit. I lose games all the time with a 4th full health dino on my roster cause swapping it in doesn’t do anything. That’s the real power of the rat - and I think that’s a good thing.

Needs expanded.

Good discussion so far, ty.

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Ooooor mix it up a bit. Add lots more *and run moves. A combo is probably best.

Bottom line - give us more ways to use all 4 dinos please ludia.

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If i may add an option, Phorosura (however you spell it) and smiloceph do pretty decently. Both a pretty bulky and can deal a good bit of damage. Smiloecph is immune to DC’s stun and can lower damage by half with precise pounce. Phoro has instant rampage and dodge. Both can stun on swap in. They could be something to play with.
I’ve had luck with them as revenge killers. they can 1 shot an equal lv and boosted dc and seriously wound anything above. (unboosted at lv 20 there is a rounding error which prevents them from 1 shotting dc.)

I’ve always built my team to work together, not just a bunch of brainless brutes.