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Super dinos? (Omega)


They escaped the park and now they are here.
Why not adding bosses from jwtg in here? Figthing them as team or community is your choose. Also this looks a good idea. A weekly event where you figth a dino from base level each time you defeat it you get a bit of DNA of it but each time it levels up till it get too strong


RAIDS yes, yes and more yes! They don’t even have to change much code for tier 1. Just make it a boss, kinda like the gold tower last week and drop it in the middle of a friendly match.

It would be really cool if it was random. Each Dino, ours could take on a raid ability.

I usually find read sugestions, because they are usually self serving or just dumb. I’m so glad I read this one.


Raids? What is this, an mmorpg or PoGo? :thinking:


Hows that even closely to a bad thing?


I like this idea.