Super Distraction bugged

In Super Distraction’s description it says “Removes Dodge”, but I just dueled IndoT and his cloak “Dodged” Super Distraction…? It should be removing the Cloak if it removes dodges, or atleast hitting through the cloak. Any near future fix for this?

It isn’t bugged, it does what it says.


Mmm agree to disagree. If it says “removes dodge”, even in cloak it should be able to not be dodged. Doesn’t mean cloak would need to be removed, as the cloaked dino would still have its chance to utilize its bonus damage in its Cloaked state, but the move implies that its not dodgeable

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Cloak and dodge are categorized as two different abilities, it’s not bugged


It removes dodge but not cloak which is very stupid in my opinion and should probably be fixed


Even if it didn’t remove the Cloak, it should be able to bypass the Dodge element

Theres no dodge to bypass, cloak isnt dodge


I do notice the visual btw dodge and cloak is different. Dodge has those shiny crystals floating around, while cloak the creature turns translucent. So it may indicate the 2 are different.

So the question begs: Why does Super Distraction have the X’d Eye Icon where the only ability that uses it is for Cloak? Wouldn’t that give some implication that even Cloak couldnt prevent its full damage? Seems rather sus.

It would make more sense for super distraction to remove cloak and not dodge. Being the move of a cunning creature, it should defeat fierce creatures, not cunning creatures… But that is not the subject here.

I get your point, perhaps the SD icon should show a cross out of this symbol instead, which is used for dodge (but minus the tiny arrow to make it simpler)
In this way, it’s pretty clear SD remove dodge only.