Super distraction?

2nd time I’ve fought a Ref tonight that used Super distraction and it brought damage down to 0, not a swap in and it attacked 1st, just straight up took all my damage. It’s supposed to be 50%…

It works like that in PVP. In raids the 100% distract applies only to the highest damage


It’s not supposed to, it says 50% distraction.

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It clearly states that all opponents will receive 50% damage reduction, which includes the highest damage which gets and additional 50% distraction which results in 100% distraction

In PVP the creature you are facing counts as both thus it reduces the attack by 100%


If that’s the case, then that is 100% the stupidest thing Ludia has ever done…


And ludia have done a lot of stupid things in this game :laughing:


It’s an intended buff for Ref unfortunately, and honestly this thing is too meta oppressive in my opinion and needs some toning down.

Ever heard about the Ludia Montreal House Party Event

What happened there?

once upon a time Ludia decided to host an event exclusive to Montreal. Those who lived there got ludicrous attempt amounts on a rarity like 100 tries on a common and the creatures at that time were very valuable such as Miragaia. It received a huge backlash from the community and they have never did it again.

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I don’t know how to feel about this because isn’t it like the special events they sometimes do like the special incubator that was only available on the map in Universal Studio’s attractions or something like that?
Anyway I’ll stop after that since we’re starting to go off topic.

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