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Super Hybrid Creature Costs - suggestion for consistency

Here is an observation that I understand in advance is likely to fall on deaf ears with Ludia, but I’m throwing it out there nonetheless.

It seems to me the super hybrid Rare bird should be priced the same as the rare super hybrid amphibian. That way, all rare super hybrids would be priced the same at 660, all super rare super hybrids would be priced at 1000, and the indo (as the only legendary super hybrid) would remain in a league of its own at 2,000.

Just sayin’…

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Hi Henry1,
Thank you for your suggestion, I have noted it down and passed it onto the team.

It definitely would be nice, but I think it’s priced that way due to the much higher ferocity it has.

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I agree with @Mary_Jo. For us to have a cheaper bird would mean a cut in attack and health (like it used to be before its stat upgrade…), which would be undesirable compared to a Tapejalosaurus