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Super-Hybrid designs

I’m all about the creature models of this game. It’s what attracted me in the first place, and is becoming my main interest as PvP dies for me. That being said, I always find it to be such a bummer when a cool-looking hybrid ends up with a weird or weak super-hybrid. I know this depends on one’s tastes, but this is my thread aye? :joy::man_shrugging:t2::tipping_hand_man:t2:

Worst offenders:

Poukandactylus - Poukaidei is a pretty sweet play on both interpretations of Raptor via a Dromaeosaur head on an Eagle’s body.
The super-hybrid ends up being a sort of semi-tropical buzzard with a crest. Not awful, but considering its roots, I wish they picked literally any other pterosaur for the fusion.

Monolorhino - As much as I despise the current Monolometrodon, its model is solid enough. Real impish looking horned lizard. Not the coolest color combo, but it’s final form is seriously just a regular Rhino with some spikes on its back that looks like someone spilled some grape jelly on. All the carnivore features are completely gone, so it’s too drastic for me.

Carnotarkus - This one hurts. Purutaurus was instantly one of my favorite designs and it is even cooler with the Indoraptor animations. Like a night-stalking demon with that color scheme and dual horns. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of monster the final evolution could look li…

it’s a COW.

Antarctovenator - Tbf I already can’t take the Lepospondyl model seriously for this game, because it just looks so ridiculous when compared to almost everything else as it wiggles and waddles around. We end up finding out it’s getting a Unique with one of the the coolest looking Ankylosaurs in the game, and we end up with a spiky poop for the Super-Hybrid. There was some real missed potential here for an Ankylosaur animation Unique.

Ankylodicurus - Another one that I find funny (and cute tbh). I kind of like its design, but coming off of Ankylocodon who has a pretty rad model and was in the chamber to get a super-hybrid so long, it’s kind of a shame that after all that, the fusion is so Doedicurus dominant.

There’s some others that are cool in their own right even if they didn’t go in the direction I hoped for, like Tenontorex, Utarinex, and Erlikospyx, but I am just hoping so so much that Alloraptor and Acrocanthops get some aesthetically menacing and powerful looking fusions because they are some of my favorite designs in this entire game.

Let me know your thoughts or opinions on these or any others!


Entelolania it looks wierd like its stats

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You know, I haven’t even seen it outside of its profile pic lol

i was gonna screenshot it for you and then i realized the update is still going on.

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I lol’d because IT’S SO TRUE

Purutaurus was an instant winner to me because of the look, it was the first creature I applied boosts to (to say nothing of the fact that it’s first iteration was really potent). But the superhybrid is NOTHING like it’s predecessor and turned me off it so hard that I, a COLLECTOR, have avoided even unlocking it until recently having made the effort to convince myself.

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You understand my pain :black_heart:

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alloraptor! :heart_eyes:


The goodest good boi!

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PLEASE do alloraptor with a stegosaurid! raptor model with alloraptor’s head and colors, but with spikes on the back and tail.
alloraptor with miragaia would look awesome.

and the best legendary in the game
and my mascot

acrocanthops with a crocodilian would look really cool. maybe with purussaurus. vulnerability ferocious impact with high damage :flushed:
itd be like acrocanthops but with croc armor

I actually like Pouka lol. I do wish its coloration was more vibrant but I like the overall design.

As far as Monolorhino, Antarctovenator, and Ankylodicurus… I don’t think any of them are bad, but they’re just kinda underwhelming. They could’ve been much better than what they are, but I don’t think they’re awful designs now. Just… forgettable lol.

Now, Tarkus? I agree wholeheartedly, and I’d throw Entelolania down there with it as well. It’s probably the ugliest creature in the game IMO. I get that they may have been trying to distinguish it more from Mammolania, but it’s pretty much just fuzzy Meiolania. Oh, and tiny tusks. It could have been way cooler, because Entelomoth is pretty awesome looking and it just turns into that… thing.