Super Hybrid Ideas

  1. Ankyloducus mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Tyrankyloducus Rex, a Tyrannosaurus with a long neck, armor, and a club tail.

  2. Alangasaurus mixed with Limnoscelis Super DNA, making Alanglimnasaurus, an Alangasaurus with amphibian looks.

  3. Nundagosaurus mixed with Supersaurus Super DNA, making Supernundagosaurus, a Supersaurus with Nundagosaurus looks. For example, the hard back look with spikes, spikes at the end of the tail, and possibly the strange head.


the fiirst one is tryko

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The first 2 are even bigger freaks than this game normally goes for

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Do you mean that the hybrids are weird or the super hybrids?

If you would add some spikes on the club or a thagomizer it would bassically be tryko from jwa

  1. Suprannotitan mixed with Stegosaurus Super DNA, making Supertitanosaurus, a Suprannotitan with Stegosaurus plates and spikes tail.

  2. Rajastega mixed with Irritator Super DNA, making Rajastator.
    When I think of this Super Hybrid, I see it as a tall amphibian, like Karposuchus, but with the Irritator long jaws, Rajastega crest, and sail from them both.

  3. Labyrinthosarus mixed with Coloborhynchus Super DNA, making Labyrinthchus, a Coloborhynchus with a long neck and amphibian looks.


This would look like godzilla lol

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Very true, but if only it was more aquatic. :thinking:

Aquatic Superhybrids

Megunkleosaurus (Dunkleosaurus+Megalodon
Liosichtomerum (Liosichtodon+Trinacromerum)
Prognathostega (Leptostega+Prognathodon)

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I like all three of these, mainly the Megaunkleosaurus because it has the three most popular aquatics.

Yeah, I too wanted Mosasaurus to be fused with Megalodon before the aquatic hybrids released.

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See, I didn’t know what to mix with Mosasaurs,
instead, I wanted Dunkleosteus mixed with Megalodon first.

  1. Pachyceratops mixed with Dimorphodon Super DNA, making Pachyceratopodons, a Dimorphodon with Pachyceratops “plate” and frill.

  2. Ostaposaurus mixed with Triceratops Super DNA, making Ostapoceratops, an Ostaposaurus with Triceratops horns and frills.

  3. Koolasaurus mixed with Carnotaurus, making Koolotaurus, a Koolasaurus with Carnotaurus horns.

I’ve heard the ostaposaurus one before

Yeah, I thought of it before on another topic.
I believe it was the
Lonely Dinosaurs Looking for Hybrids

This would be too op. Dunkleosaurus is already the best aquatic

TOO OP!! Nothing is too op!
I mean, look at the Indoraptors.

Well what I mean is on the aquatic side dunkleosaurus is the best creature so it should not need a super hybrid. Also since it would be a tourney shybrid it’ll be more op than indoraptor
I don’t think you read this part:

So make more aquatics, like:

  1. Megarchelon mixed with Liopleurodon Super DNA, making Megarchodon, a Megarchelon with Liopleurodon long jaws, making a reef Super hybrid.

The problem is that the Jurassic side is not ready for tourney shybrids so the aquatic isn’t either. I don’t think we should have a tourney shybrid aquatic

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