Super Hybrid Ideas

Let me find the link that I made it ok?

New All Stars (All of their Level 40s are just gonna have effects around them)
JP3 Spinosaurus
New Hybrids
Indominus Rex Gen 3 (Rexy + Blue)
It’ll look like the I-rex but with Blue’s iconic stripe and is brown like Rexy.
Spinoraptor Gen 2 (JP3 Spinosaurus + Echo which will look like it’s JWE model)
Ankylocoptodon (Bumpy + Procoptodon)
Will be a Procoptodon but with Bumpy’s armor
Shunoraptor (Delta + Shunosaurus)
Will look like a Velociraptor but with the Shunosaurus club
Aeromoonosaurus (Umoonosaurus + Aerotitan)
Will be a Umoonosaurus but with the wings and legs of Aerotitan and will be a Pterosaur class.
Brachiotaosaurus (Tsintaosaurus + Brachiosaurus)
Will be a Brachiosaurus but with a Tsintaosaurus crest.
Kaprosaurus (Kentrosaurus + Kaprosuchus Gen 2)
Will be a Kaprosuchus with the beak of Kentrosaurus and the spikes of Kentrosaurus also.
Velocidontosaurus (Mastodontosaurus + Charlie)
Will be a Velociraptor with the head and sail of the 40 Mastodontosaurus.
Super Hybrids
Indoraptor Gen 3 (Indominus Rex Gen 3 + Blue S-DNA)
It will be just an Indoraptor but with a pink stripe
Ostapospinus (Ostaposaurus + Spinosaurus S-DNA)
Looks like a Spinosaurus but with the head of Ostaposaurus and with a sail of Level 40 Ostaposaurus.
Mammogyrinus (Mammotherium + Proterogyrinus S-DNA)
Looks like a Proterogyrinus with Mammotherium’s horns and tusks.
Nundagomosas (Nundagosaurus + Mosasaurus S-DNA)
Looks like a Mosasaurus with the armor and beak of Level 40 Nundagosaurus.
Suchomosaripterus (Suchoripterus + Mosasaurus Gen 2 S-DNA)
Looks like Level 40 Suchoripterus with the head and tail of Mosasaurus Gen 2.
Spinodunkelosaurus (Dunkelosaurus + Spinosaurus Gen 2 S-DNA)
Looks like Dunkelosaurus with the sail of a level 40 Spinosaurus Gen 2.
Zalmonocanthosaurus (Zalmonodon + Acrocanthosaurus S-DNA)
Is an Acrocanthosaurus with the beak of Zalmonodon that contains teeth inside the beak.

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I don’t think we need any gen 3s

I love these ideas, but I really don’t think LUDIA will add all of theses.

For one, they already have the raptor squad, but could have them as Super DNA. Not like normal dinosaurs.
For two, JP3 Spino would be nice, but LUDIA doesn’t love the Spinosaurus like the raptors and rexes.
For three, Rexy is possible but like I said, I don’t really know.

For the hybrids, like at top, not the raptor squad or Spino, but possibly Rexy, but I really love the Indomimus Rex Gen 3 would look, but very slim possiblity.

For the Super hybrids, I love them all but the Indoraptor, why pink?

I made this but with Spinosaurus S-DNA

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But now that I think about it, the Super Hybrid with the Alangasaurus could become an amphibian with the Limnoscelis, like have it as a Limnoscelis that has the crest, longer mouth that looks beakish, and tall, but possibly on two legs, like some prehistoric crocodiles.

Now this is a Super Hybrid.

  1. Limnorhynchus mixed with Einiosaurus Super DNA, making Limnorhyniosaurus, a Limnorhynchus what the Einiosaurus horn and possible grill.

  2. Ophiacomimus mixed with Postosuchus Super DNA, making Ophimimosuchus, an Ophiacomimus that’s four legged and is an amphibian with the possible fish tail and three sails from the Level 40 Postosuchus.

  3. Tropeogopterus mixed with Dsungaripterus Super DNA, making Dsungtropeogipterus, a Tropeogopterus what the Dsungaripterus strange beak and beak crest.

Here’s some hybrids from JWA I want in the game (+ a new hybrid made by me)
Spinoconstrictor (Dilophoboa + Spinosaurus S-DNA)
Quetzorion (Pteraquetzal + Tanycolagreus S-DNA)
Scorpiolanqa (Scorpios Rex + Alanqa S-DNA)
Looks like a Scorpios Rex with the body of Alanqa and still keeps it’s legs, tail, and head and is now a Pterosaur class.

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It’s reference to the CMY color wheel

Okay, I don’t know what the CMY color wheel is but okay.
At least it makes more sense.

  1. Gen 3 Tyrannosaurus Rex mixed with Gen 3 Spinosaurus, making Spinosaurus Rex, a Tyrannosaurus Rex with Spinosaurus sail, long arms, and long jaws.
  2. Gen 3 Velicoraptor mixed with Gen 3 Spinosaurus, making Gen 2 Spinoraptor, like the other Spinoraptor but shows more Spinosaurus. A Velicoraptor with Spinosaurus sail and long arms, NO FEATHERS.
  3. Spinosaurus Rex mixed with Deinonchyus Super DNA, making Spinoraptor Rex, a Spinosaurus Rex with feathers and possibly smaller.
  4. Gen 2 Spinoraptor mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Spinoraptor Rex, an Indomimus with longer jaws and a sail.
  1. Gen 2 Carnotaurus mixed with Gen 2 Deinonychus, making Gen 2 Carnoraptor, a Deinonychus, no feathers, with Carnotaurus horns, spikes, and possibly little arms.
  2. Gen 2 Carnoraptor mixed with Tyrannosaurus Rex Super DNA, making Indomtaurus.
    Now the problem is LUDIA will most likely repeat the Alive Indontaurus which is like the Indoraptor, but I thought of adding a ‘M’ instead of ‘N’ like in Indontaurus, I changed it to Indomtaurus, so the name hints more like Indomimus Rex.

I’ve created a few:

Limnorynchodon (Limnorynchus + 1000 Dimorphodon S DNA) Pterosaur
It has the Dimorphodon animation set and it’s appearance is a Dimorphodon with the spikes and coloration of the Limnorynchus.
It’s stats would be around 2800 health and 835 attack (Nothing too crazy but it’s a common superhybrid so it’s stats aren’t gonna be really good).

Paracephalosaura (Parasaura + 2000 Pachycepholosaurus S DNA) Herbivore
It has the Pachycepholosaurus animation set and it’s appearance would be a Pachycepholosaurus with the spikes, sail and colours of the Parasaura with a fusion of the Parasaura’s crest and Pachycepholosaurus head dome.
It’s stats would be 5,690 health and 2,199 attack (So less health than the Monostegatops and Gigankylocephalus but with more attack!)

And finally the Postotitan
(Superannotitan lvl 40 + 2000 Postosuchus S DNA) Amphibian!!
It has the Postosuchus animation set meaning that it would convert from a carnivore to an amphibian and it’s appearance would be a Postosuchus with a slightly shorter snout with the horns and spikes of the Superannotitan (the colours of the Postotitan would be a mix of the Postosuchus and Superannotitan).
It’s stats would be 4125 health and 2780 attack (It’s a glass cannon creature with less health and more attack than the spinotahsuchus).

What do ya think about these concepts?

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I like all of them.

  1. Leptostega mixed with Leedsichthys Super DNA, making Leedostega, a Leedsichthys with Leptostega shell and looks, but Leedsichthys is base genome and animation.

  2. Xinathodon mixed with Onchopristis Super DNA, making Onchodon, a Xinathodon with Onchopristis saw nose.

  3. Dakoderma mixed with Pliosaurus Super DNA, making Plioderma, a Pliosaurus with Dakoderma shell and looks, but Pliosaurus is base genome and animation.

  1. Geolasmosaurus mixed with Henodus Super DNA, making Henolasmosaurus, a Geolasmosaurus with Henodus shell and head.

  2. Hynecoprion mixed with Dunkleosteus Super DNA, making Dunklecoprion, a Hynecoprion with Dunkleosteus head and possibly tail.

  3. Liosichtodon mixed with Edestus, making Edestodon, a Liosichtodon with Edestus teeth and some looks and is a surface, giving it Prognathodon animation?

  1. Megistocurus mixed with Deinotherium Super DNA, making Megistotherium, a Megistocurus with Deinotherium tusk, coming from it’s mouth and not chin.

  2. Archaeophicyon mixed with Carbonemys Super DNA, making Archaeonemys, an Archaeophicyon with Carbonemys shell and scales.

  3. Entelorhacos mixed with Synthetoceras Super DNA, making Enteloceras, an Entelorhacos with Synthetoceras horns.

  4. Andrewtherium mixed with Wooly Rhinoceros, making Rhinotherium, an Andrewtherium with Wooly Rhinoceros fur and horn/horns.

  5. Indricoceros mixed with Glyptodon, making Indricodon, an Indricoceros with Glyptodon shell and tail.

The rest of this topic will be of Tourney Super Hybrids.

  1. Allonogmius mixed with Metriorhynchus Super DNA, making Allonorhynchus, an Allonogmius with Metriorhynchus long jaws and crocodilian looks.

  2. Glythronax mixed with Amargasurus Super DNA, making Glythronasaurus, a Glythronax with Amargasurus spikes.

  3. Pteraquetzal mixed with Dimorphodon Super DNA, making Pteraquetzalodon or Dipteraquetzal, a Pteraquetzal with Dimorphodon teeth, head, and tail, along with looks.

  4. Gorgosuchus mixed with Spinosaurus Super DNA, making Gorgospinosuchus, a Gorgosuchus with Spinosaurus sail and long jaws, also bipedal.

  5. Iguanasuchus mixed with Corythosaurus Super DNA, making Iguanasaurus, an Iguanasuchus with Corythosaurus crest.

  1. Erliphosarus mixed with Kentrosaurus Super DNA, making Kenterliphus, an Erliphosarus with Kentrosaurus plates and spikes.

  2. Zalmonodon mixed with Gallimimus Super DNA, making Zalmomimus, a Zalmonodon with Gallimimus looks and long neck, making it into a big fly.

  3. Segnosuchus mixed with Struthiomimus Super DNA, making Segnomimus, a Segnosuchus with Struthiomimus feathers.

  4. Cerazinosaurus mixed with Nasutoceratops Super DNA, making Cerazinoceratops, a Cerazinosaurus with Nasutoceratops horns.

  5. Baghesaurus mixed with Kaprosuchus Super DNA, making Beghesuchus, a tall Beghesaurus.