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Super hybrid suggestions

Suprannoceratops-(Suprannotitan with Triceratops DNA,a change in looks could be connecting the Largest Spike of Suprannotitans head with a crest,it would be fun imagining a Theropod with a Ceratopsian Crest) , Health- 5500 Attack- 3100 at level 40 Carnivorous

Alankentrosaurus- (Alangasaurus + Kentrosaurus DNA) Health- 2400 Attack- 810 at level 40 Carnivorous

Quetzorhynchus(Limnorhynchus+Quetzalcoatlus DNA)
Pterosaur- Health- 2620 Attack- 690 .


I don’t know if Ludia plans to add common super hybrids, but I like the idea of Suprannoceratops.