Super hybrids and other hybrids

I think there should be more super hybrids I also think you should be able to hybrid aquatic and cenozoic for example a megalodon mixed with a dunkleostus and I also think there should be jurrasic hybrids with the aquatic and cenozoic for example a megalodon and a t-rex or a andrewsarcus mixed with a raptor or a dunkleostus mixed with a wolly mammoth

I agree with you a lot here. But, I really dislike the S-DNA feature, as it makes it so much harder for a player, like me, to unlock creatures like the Indoraptor. Both me, my brother and my friend (who only recently started playing) all said that we’d ignore the Indoraptor, as only those who pay or hack can get a hold of it. It would be so much better if Indoraptor was a hybrid of lvl 40 Indominus Res and lvl 40 Velociraptor.

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If it was IndoRex and Velociraptor then Velociraptor would have two hybrids

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They could add Blue for Indo raptor, but make Blue hard to get for Indo Raptor, maybe like you have to corral blue from the training thing, or maybe that’s not the real Blue and you have to search for the real Blue? Something like that? It could pop up as a mission once you reach the level where you can start unlocking super hybrids?

Hard yes, impossible no. I do pay for the vip membership, but not sure this really effects the chances of getting the S-DNA since this is only about completing the dailies, every day they are available. it did take a long time but I did finally save up enough S-DNA to get the indoraptor. Just have to be persistent. You could spend lots of money I suppose when they had a couple times offered S-DNA in purchasable packs but it is not necessary if you are willing to wait a bit longer and just complete the daily missions.

It affects getting S-DNA because of VIP tournaments which you can complete, for S DNA.

True didn’t think about those, there are two a week generally, so an extra 20-24 total S-DNA a week with those. It makes a difference but is a small increase when compared to all of the other options for S-DNA, and now with the Code 19 mini game after a handful of successful containment’s you will have received the same amount of S-DNA. But you are correct that it is a small advantage.

The code 19 is extremely hard for me, and it seems so far its only happening very late at night for me. Also, if youve had i happen and see the bar abouve, I think if the paw is in red, you lose the dino, blue you get it, small rewards though, green is S DNA. Id assume one would need perfect on all 4 in order for S DNA, atleast with me stego. Also, Im only level 34 with my best being level 26 Trex, 2nd best a lvl 32 velociraptor, and 3rd a lvl 10 Trex, and its very hard for me to complete anything. Also I cant spend bucks getting dinos back or spend my hole day every day trying to get the S DNA, because of school.

I personally think that shouldn’t matter, or stop them. In jurassic world alive dinosaurs have multiple hybrids. I could say to the side
Super Hybrid

and when you fuse it could pop up and have Indo raptor and Indominus

True i have school too tho