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Super Hybrids and Rarity limited Events

I’m starting to build super hybrids.

Rare and super rare.

If you have super hybrids well above the rest of their rarity (either rare or super rare), how does that affect the rare and super rare only events?

Since rare has only Amphibian & Ptero and super rare only has Herb & Carno, doesn’t that kind of leave a hole once the super hybrids move well above the hybrids?

I’m keeping them together for now, but my line up is only VIP L20 range, so it isn’t that hard.

I have a theory that only super rare super hybrids that cannot overcome their rarity because of the ferocity troubles…

Only one rare event was messed up due to all my diplosuchus. Was easy enough by using just 1 diplosuchus per match but harder than it should be.

What is the level of your strongest diplosuchus?

diplosuchus, L10

So, my other classes of rare hybrids are more than enough to match it at L30 or less to balance my line up.

I have the rare hybrids(carno,nunda,diplot,tapej) L40 …

but I never face creatures of the same level they always come from lower level 900-1500 HP and 200-500 attack…

The match is so easy
that I need only a rare hybrid for fight… and still use a few non-hybrid…


Same thing I was saying. Highest diplosuchus is lv 20

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Now I was thinking if I create a level 30 diplosuchus or not…

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How many do you have in total? I am keeping mine at 2 lv 20s and 3 lv 10s for now.

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I haven’t created any yet…

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You aren’t thinking of the Sunday fight for coins rare only event are you? That one isn’t really based on your dino Ferocity.

I’m talking about the rotating Rarity Rumbles.

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As am I…

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I have a bunch of level 20 Diplosuchuses and several level 10 Tapejalocephaluses followed by 1 level 40 of each Rare hybrid and then several (at least 3) level 30s of each hybrid. I have not noticed any issue with the Rare only events. My level 30 Carnoraptors and such are able to compete.

My Super-rares are in a similar situation. Monostegatopses at level 15+ and Spinotasuchuses at level 10 for the super-hybrids, followed by 1 level 40 and at least 3 level 30s for the regular hybrids. The lack of a Super-rare hybrid amphibian does complicate matters, but the level 30 Supranotitans have been more than adequate as a meat shield.


All that said, my paddocks are getting full. The Monostegatops paddock is full. So, maybe bumping them up to the next evolution will change things. @Mary_Jo, have you taken Monostegatops to level 21+, yet? If so, how has that affected things?


Yeah, this is more what I am asking. Once they start getting really strong and far from the hybrids, what problems start happening?

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No, I haven’t taken any higher than level 20, and don’t expect I will anytime soon.


No one with a lineup better than mine had answered, so I gave you the best I could. In any event, getting to my lineup should keep you out of trouble for awhile.


I’ve got diplosuchus, tapejalocephalus and monostegotops all at level 40. The rarity rumbles are still pretty easy and I actually don’t use my max s-hybrids for the most part. Or at least I can usually use regular hybrids of similar ferocity instead. But having the maxed s-hybrids of either level has not made my battles any more challenging.

For rare hybrids, I’ve got many level 40 of each of them (thank you Chanya!) And they are the majority of what I use for those battles. I did notice that I appreciated having more pachyceratops and ophiacomimus to help with those.

Super rares, I have at least one level 40 for most of them. But those still haven’t really been a problem at all. While not great, I did make a bunch of tropeogopterus’ (again, thank you Chanya!) To help balance with amphibians that might show up.


The rarity rumbles have not been a problem thus far. I believe they have the rare one limited to the standard rare hybrids, as in I have yet to see either of the super hybrids as options to battle against I have the Diplosuchus and the Tapj super hybrids at level 30 with multiple which far out class the fleet of lvl 40 rare hybrids I have. Yet I generally only see a mix of level 40 rare hybrids to battle against. The Super rare events do seem to throw some of the super super hybrids Into the mix but nothing that I haven’t been able to handle with my group of hybrids.

What will be a problem if you let them get to far out in from will be any of the standard events like fight for funds, or those events that do look at your top ferocity and then give you matchups that are 10-20% higher than your side. Your bench will for sure dictate how you will fare in these situations.


Just thought I would update after the SR rarity rumble this morning - didn’t use any of my monostegotops and only 1 level 10 spinotasuchus. And that was only to make the battle easy. Team of spinosaurus and spinoraptor could easily have won them all (that’s the team I used for 3 of the 4 battles)