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Super Random Server Disconnects... and Not For Login!

…Which makes it so frustrating. Once I have successfully entered the Game then it either :

  • Shows me the disconnect message not five seconds after I’m in.
  • On taking a Trade it loads for a frustratingly long time then disconnects. (I made this thread here : Disconnect After Collecting Trades)

Before it is suggested, I have a very stable connection as well as a recent device model. For my last login, this happened not less than five times very randomly while scrolling through my Park, in essence, normal gameplay.

This issue has been occurring to me in fairly recent weeks. Is this happening to anyone else or just me?


Mine does the same thing.
During some trades it will act up and then also in battles.
Which regular daily battles it will let me reload it, but in tournaments it disconnects and won’t reload the battle and I lose the dinos until they cool down. So it costs you big time for trophies.


It does for me every day, I thought it was my internet, but no!


Been happening to me for weeks now, same problems as you. I just expect it to crash when I load the game up, don’t really care anymore. And it does it to me on either WiFi or 4G LTE.


Happens to me every day!

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