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Super Rare Rumble Reward Not Recieved

As the title says. I got the S-DNA but no spin wheel, not sure if I got it since I have a lot of creatures unhatched. Has this happened to anyone else?

EDIT : Logged back in and recieved a Supersaurus, crisis over.


I got a raptor… again! On top of chanya offering me Raptors for every CT, raptor here raptor there… :joy:


I actually wanted Metriorhynchus, to make a maxed copy. I really love Metrialong but not sure if I wanna give away a locked creature.


He was actually one of the originals also, postosuchus and kaprosuchus werent released until a few years later… just to add more value to metriorynchus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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