Super Unique's | Ultimasaurus

I would love to see this amazing hybrid in a game. The way we would introduce this hybrid would be Rex, raptor, trike, Stego and Ankylosaurus at level 20 and U fuse them all it would be slightly more expensive than a unique and be a super unique and would cost 300 dna to create rather than 250 for a unique it would be a better unique it would also start at 21 and finish at 30 state wise it would be a decent bit better but not to op like at level 26 it would have 2000 attack making it 100 more than Trex it’s health would slightly less than ardentismaxima at At 5500 it’s speed would be 103 crit chance would be 25% and armour would be 35% it sounds op but it’s meant for endgame players and I’m willing to change the stats the colour of super uniques would be orange or navy blue


If you really want to make a hybrid out of those 5 the best you can do without making it op is…

Superior Vulnerability
Dig in
Distracting Impact
Defense shattering rampage

Swap in Stun

3900 HP
30 Crit
30 Armor
1300 DMG
120 SPD


I’m offended by your lone period and subsequent commas.

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I think if we were to get Ultimasaurus in the game, the proper way to do it would be to introduce a rarity beyond unique that starts at level 26. That would be terrifying, crazy hard to make, and possibly upsetting to everybody in the endgame who already got full level 30 squads, but that would do Ultimasaurus justice. What do you think?
I’ve seen this one online before. I don’t know who first created the concept or who this Hellraptor is, but I’d sure like to give him credit for this lovely piece of work!
If we can dismiss the Velociraptor component as miscellaneous additions (like the two dozen or so other dinos used to make Indominus), then you’d just need to mix Trykosaurus with Triceratops and you’d have it


Alright, here it is:
Triceratops gets a Legendary hybrid with one of Owen’s raptors. Triceraraptor or something.
Triceraraptor and Trykosaurus fuse at level 25 for a “Mythical” hybrid. It’s instability in dna leaves it with a 10% degenerative self-bleed. Powerful, but still vulnerable. Done.

Don’t add a new rarity… please.

While I agree, it’d be the only way to accomplish it… Unless…
Triceratops fused with Indorex G2 for a Legendary. Indoceratops fused with Ankynro…

Indominus Rex isn’t only made from Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor, but also from creatures such as Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus and way way more. Its also got DNA from several modern creatures, so I don’t see a reason to make a super duper hybrid because Ultimasaurus has more than just 3 ingredients.