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Superhybrid DNA (Dimetrocarnus)

Good evening,

Is there a good method to get superhybrid DNA other than completing events and modded PVP battles?

I am currently a bit short on dimetrocarnus DNA to complete a level 40, and JWTG has taken it out of the normal rotation (when you complete daily events). Also, I don’t believe it is even in the possible list of prizes when you play modded PVP. So right now I am stuck with a Level 30 dino, and I’d really like to get him to Level 40, but I’m not really sure how.


Hi jim your best bet is to just wait for dime dna to appear in modded PvP, we do have an update coming up so fingers crossed it does get added.

Are you vip? I know it’s a long grind but having dime sdna in one of the slots for the sdna factory you should be able to get an additional copy within a month or two.


No I am not VIP. I have (meticulously) gotten almost every dinosaur in the game (other than VIP creatures) to level 40 without spending any money just by playing everyday and being patient.

Thank you for your response!

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So when did the dimetrodon super DNA will return?


I don’t know when it will come back