Superhybrid for the forgotten hybrid Alankylosaurus

So a few updates have gone by, and quite a few “forgotten hybrids” ([Poll] Forgotten hybrids) have gotten their superhybrid.

Alankylo is, unfortunately, not one of these creatures.

Alankylosaurus is quite an interesting hybrid, being the first flying hybrid (and an armoured one, too). It’s an early-ish counter for Cloaked Indominus Rexes, making good use of its Swap-in Invincibility and Shielding abilities to counter creatures who don’t have Defense-Shattering abilities.

A superhybrid which kept this Swap-in ability could become quite a useful counter to a variety of Uniques such as Erlidominus, Smilonemys, Testacornibus etc. More importantly, if done correctly, it could make good use of Swap-in Invincibility, which is not something that has been done well in the endgame arenas (Swap-in Invincibility is less useful on Stigydaryx imo, because a lot of the best creatures to use Swap-in Invincibility against [e.g. Erlidom, Smilonemys] are either immune to or can cleanse DoT, meaning Stigydaryx is reduced to spamming Superiority Strike against them)

So, here’s my suggestion for such a superhybrid:

Ekdikitsaurus (Unique) [name means creature of vengeance, from the Greek ekdikitis]
Made from: Alankylosaurus + Concavenator
Role: Bulky speed control and anti-dodge
Health: 4200
Speed: 110
Armour: 25%
Critical: 5%

-Superior Vulnerability (inherited from its Ankylosaurus G2 parent)
-Precise Rampage (given Diplovenator got Definite Strike, [and Gemini got Immunity] I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give it Precise Rampage)
-Short Defense
-Instant Invincibility

Swap-in Invincibility
Precise Shattering Counter

Personally, I’ve always thought having a creature with both Swap-in Invincibility and a Counter ability would be quite interesting and viable, if done right - a creature which swoops in to avenge the damage its compatriots have taken (hence the name).

This build would be able to counter Erlidom, especially Cloaked ones by swapping in and using Precise Rampage + its counterattacks to finish it off, checking one of the most powerful creatures in the endgame meta right now. It could also get No Escape to annoy Smilonemys and even counter Dracocera by swapping in (although how one would know when to swap in to block Dracocera is a whole nother issue).

What do you guys think?

Should the forgotten hybrid Alankylosaurus get a superhybrid?

  • Yes, ASAP
  • Yes, but maybe later
  • No

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Would you like to see Ekdikitsaurus as a superhybrid for Alankylo?

  • Yes
  • No

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The armored pterasaur needs a hybrid with a bleeder so it shields and bleeds at the same time
Example Alankylosaurus + suchomimus

Superity strike
Short defense
Lethal wound
Long Invincibility

Swap in shielding wound
Immune to deceleration

Shielding wound
Gain 25% shield for 2 turns, give target Dot 25% for 2 turns. Unable to swap 2 turns


Swap-in Invincibility is less useful on Stigydaryx

Less useful is an understatement. Thanks to the proliferation of Nullifying, Defense-Shattering and Definite abilities in upper-tier creatures, Swap-in Invincibility is hard to use at all in the endgame Arenas (if I remember correctly, about half of all Uniques have some form of shield-busting ability, and these all tend to have very high usage (e.g. Tryko, Thor, Grypo).

If I was put in charge of designing Stigydaryx, I would probably have opted for Swap-in Wound (shifting it towards a more tank-killer role) or Swap-in Distraction, if possible (allowing it to counter creatures like Tryko and Thor).

But anyways, this build looks really good! Hope it makes it into Update 1.14. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, just give it some kind of unique to add to the “would have been good 5 updates ago” pile and be done with it. Put her out of her misery, she’s been in line forever. Same with Procerathomimus.

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Alankylo and Majunda have been waiting for the longest time for their superhybrids…Ludia get on it!!

I would change Instant Invincibility to Long Invincibility. It would be even better for countering dodgers

Seriously. I remember making a sort of hybrid with Alanky several months ago… I believe I suggest her to be fused with Titanoboa G2 and her moveset included On-Escape Dust Cloud. She would’ve been a monster if it was included in the game.

But thanks to the change of how Ankylosaurs attack, this particular hybrid has the ability to be even more powerful.


  • Superior Vulnerability
  • Precise Rampage
  • Long Defense
  • Long Invincibility


  • Immune to Deceleration
  • On-Escape Dust Cloud

@bobbymcfeen, would you think this would be relevant? Or would everyone be too powerful to even bother switching out?

Hard to know without knowing the stats, but it seems to be just a bit too chomper fodder-y.

Yeah. A lot of chompers nowadays. And then we got those that aren’t even legit chompers, but can still ruin a tank’s day. I kinda saw the stats to be similar to Alanky, but tweaked a little - 4300 health, 116 speed, 30% armor, and 1130 attack. I figure that the vulnerability will give the hybrid a small edge.

I love how alan looks. Looks awesome.

Kind of disappointed that Alankylo hasn’t gotten her hybrid yet, when so many newer hybrids like Diplotator, Monolomet, Smiloceph, Carbotocera, Mammotherium etc etc have gotten superhybrids. Alankylo is an old fan fave, after all, and a good superhybrid for her would be amazing!

Looks interesting! Depending on how the stats look like, this thing could be a real force.

Personally, for Ekdikitsaurus, I looked at older creatures who don’t have Uniques yet for the 2nd ingredient, so that’s why I didn’t consider Titanoboa G2. Plus, having an Epic would probably make the superhybrid stronger than if a Rare creature was used :slight_smile:

I know this is hella late, but Diplotator isn’t really new. She’d been in the game around the same time as Alanky, I believe. So that’s even worse.