Superhybrid suggestion - Alankylanodon

Honestly, when I first saw (and tried out) Swap-in Invincibility, my first thought was
“Huh, this could really work well with counter-attackers to give them a free attack on swap-in, finally giving them a useful niche”
Then I realised Pteranodon had counter-attack and I thought “maybe they’ll hybridize to form the first ever actually good 1x counter-attacker”
A couple of updates went by…and nothing really happened…so here’s what I think an Alankylanodon superhybrid should look like! (stat-wise, I don’t pretend to be a graphics artist in any way :sweat_smile:

Health: 3900
Damage: 800
Speed: 118
Armour: 30%
Critical: 5%

Superiority Strike
Nullifying Impact
Long Protection
Impact and Run

Defense Shattering Counter
Swap-in Invincibility

What do you guys think?

My L30 Meg is offended lol.

But I’m 100% on board with this creature concept. Counter-Attackers are my favorite type, and this one looks very interesting :ok_hand:t2:

Personally, as I recall when Gorgosuchus used to have Adrenaline Surge (instead of Cleansing Impact), Gorgosuchus used to be seen as much better than Megalosuchus at the time…especially as Megalosuch didn’t have Armour Piercing Counter at the time…

I really like the idea of Counter-Attackers as well; I recall when I first started playing (in the days of the raptor meta) I insisted on levelling my Majundasuch to like Level 13…until it really couldn’t compete any more. Then I got hold of Concavenator in the hope I could at least keep one counter-attacker on my team…unfortunately that didn’t happen…the raptor meta was really cruel to anything that lacked speed + Pounce/bulk + Thagomizer/Cloak.

Nowadays though, I’ve put Dioraja on my team in memory of the good times I had with Majundasuchus. It may not be the best creature in the current meta; but hey, it can stop Dracocera from running off and launching another nuke on my team (albeit at great cost to itself, oh well). Here’s to hoping the counter-attack family gets something of a buff next update.

(here’s a small idea: why can counter-attackers lose 2 counter-attacks + 1 main attack from a stun? Given their damage is already low(er) to compensate for the counter-attack passive, losing 2 counters seems a little excessive. A small thing, but it can be really frustrating)

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Totally agree counter atack passive should not be affected by stun as the passive says the Dino will always counter when receive damage and still alive atm its a lie shame on it

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It will be a good idea. I’ll prefer the 2 turns invincibility instead of long protection so he can swap back without many damages if the enemy don’t have a chomper. It’s a very well defined role in the meta and with a high hp regenerating tank like Brachio+Conca+Miragaia will make the difference in the meta.

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Except for the Armour, Alankylodon battle-wise looks a lot like the new Legendary Pteraquetzal, with Armour Piercing Counter instead of Defense Shattering Counter and Swap in Dodge over Swap in Invincibility.

So, I suppose…the creature here has sort of been provided to us…just not in the same way.

Still waiting on an Alankylosaurus superhybrid though.

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