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Superhybrids for the Neglected #2

I did one of these before in August last year, and there’s still a few that have been left behind. It’s pretty odd to have old hybrids languishing while newer ones get supers right away. To note Diplotator, Majunda, Suchotator, and Edmontoguana all finally got theirs which is great.

Honestly I’m not very interested in most hybrids anymore because they feel like pointless tyrant fodder. But I have some ideas for these dusty dinos and dinettes that could sprinkle in some arena variety perhaps

So here’s some ideas to tie loose ends. If you’ve got ideas too, share away!

Dimodactylus (Update 1.5)+Tupandactylus (Re-fuse)
Type: Mid Ptero


~Long Defense Strike
~Instant Pinning Strike
~Piercing Wound [New]: 1X Armor Piercing. 33.4% Max HP DoT for 3 Turns. Delay: 0/ Cooldown: 2
~1X Raking Counterattack
~Swap in Wound

  • 3200 HP
  • 970 Attack
  • 127 Speed
  • 5% Critical

Idea: I’m kinda surprised we haven’t had other re-fused hybrids besides the Indo’s. Its bread and butter is putting serious hurt on non-immunes with the bleed+counter combo. Piercing Wound helps when it faces armored opponents even if they are immune to bleed. Otherwise it’s fairly brittle to reflect its dimorphodon heritage.

Ankylocodon (Update 1.3!)+Giraffatitan
Type: Ankylosaur Animations


~Definite Strike
~Armor Piercing Rampage
~Long Protection
~Swap in Slow

  • 5110 HP
  • 1070 Attack
  • 105 Speed
  • 30% Armor
  • 20% Critical

Idea: Vaguely like a baby maxima. In a carnivorous anky body though. Sort of parallels the monolometrodon/Magnapyrritor relationship. I think it’d be great for lower level players and it’s a natural improvement to its predecessor. There’s not really any tank like it in the low arenas. Because it is immune and massively bulky with a definite move, it remains very slow.

Alankylosaurus (Update 1.4!)+Ornithomimus
Type: Galli Animations


~Deflection [New]: Priority. Cleanse. Shield 2 Turns. Dodge 66% physical damage 1 Turn. (Deals no damage)
~Nullifying Strike
~Superiority Impact
~Distracting Rampage
~Swap In Invincibility
~Immune to Swap Prevention

  • 3800 HP
  • 1380 Attack
  • 128 Speed
  • 30% Armor
  • 5% Critical

Idea: As Alankylosaurus is to Indominus, so is Alankymimus to Indoraptor. It requires strategy, but it is a capable counter to a fair few quick hitters. It does not inherit total immunity. I didn’t want it to mirror Alankylosaurus exactly, it felt more appropriate to go as a side-grade instead full upgrade. Keeping the full armor might be a bit much, but I’m not sure? I hope it’s moves aren’t too out of left field. It could be our first galli type Unique also.

Dracoceratops (Update 1.5)+Sinoceratops
Type: Ceratopsian


~Long Decelerating Strike
~Dig In
~Instant Charge
~Swap In Stunning Strike
~On Escape Savagery [New]: Deal 40% Max HP damage to Enemy when they perform a swap out.

  • 3600 HP
  • 1100 Attack
  • 110 Speed
  • 5% Critical
  • 20% Armor

Idea: Don’t shoot me :cold_sweat: Dracoceratops is one of those hybrids in a weird place that when you look at them you think: where does it go from here? This is what I came up with. Is it annoying? Yes. But does it function as the prime example of how ceratopsians are designed to be now? I hope I accomplished that. It can swap in and out round and round, while also punishing the enemy for trying to do the same thing with that brutal On Escape Savagery.

Procerathomimus (Update 1.6)+Rajasaurus
Type: Carno animations


~Cautious Strike
~Nullifying Strike
~Instant Distraction
~Extended Critical Strike
~1X Nullifying Counter

  • 3440 HP
  • 1260 Attack
  • 128 Speed
  • 10% Critical

Idea: Ah yes, another cautious strike monstrosity. But in this context it does at least make sense: Distraction and Evasion combined on a creature that already had them as separate moves. Nullifying counter would also finally make its appearance, creating a creature of ruination. Probably OP, sorry if it is. I very much distaste prorat, but it’s difficult to improve it in a superhybrid without going nuts into high tyrant land. This superhybrid still wouldn’t be worth making though unless the original is nerfed down. On the flip side, it’d be pretty cool to see a bigger theropod with some actual speed on it from the start.

Skoolasaurus (Update 1.6)+Inostrancevia
Type: Gorgonopsid


~Shielded Speed Up Strike [New]: 1X. Shield 1 turn. Speed Up 10% 2 Turns.
~Nullifying Impact
~Revenge Distracting Rampage [New]: 2X. Distract 50% 2 Turns. Delay: 1/Cooldown: 2. Revenge: No Delay
~Revenge Rampage
~Immune to Distraction
~Immune to Vulnerability

  • 4030 HP
  • 1020 Attack
  • 130 Speed
  • 20% Armor
  • 5% Critical

Idea: A very quick, moderately tanky devil. It’s damage is not high, but if it comes in for revenge it can chain 4 rampages together unless it’s slowed or stunned which is potent to say the least. It can survive it’s share of hits as well. It can get even faster with its hypothetical Shielded Speed up Strike, which causes lots of problems trying to guess its decisions when it comes in. It’s pretty weak to true tanks, but otherwise I think it’d fair well. It’s parent Skoolasaurus is pretty underrated as it is, so this one could be surprisingly good as well.

So that’s what I’ve got for our 6 oldest creatures that have gotten passed over and over. Diplovenator and Dsungaia are beginning to pick up dust as well being released in update 1.8 last year, but I decided to leave them out of this one.

So what do you guys think, ideas you like? Ideas you hate? Your own ideas you have for these poor forgotten souls?


I think that some hybrids should remain without superhybrid, like ankylocodon, I think that (for variety sake) it should remain without superhybrid. I think skoolasaurs and diplovenator as well should remain without hybrid (although I love your skoolacevia!!!)

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I hope I don’t know that, and sooner or later all hybrids have a superhybrid. Many of us will never level up a non-super-hybrid hybrid waiting for its offspring to appear.


I’m just sitting here, hoping Trystronixs and Stegodeus get hybridized into some powerful Uniques.

Seeing as they’re superhybrids already, the chances of that are around as good as the chances of us getting a rarity above Unique.

Lol why would they

I like all these ideas, especially me with more tupandactlyus dna. May I draw it by the way?


It won’t be easy I’ll you that.

Apexcera is interesting. We need to ProceRat’s superhybrid to nerf it and change the meta a bit.

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That dracocera hybrid looks interesting. Tho on escape savagery plus swap in stunning strike may be a bit much. Maybe drop the swap out damage down to 25% but make it pierce armor (does not destroy shields tho)

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Draw away :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I had thought about that whether it’d be too strong or not. When I was making it I was thinking about that old heritage it had of doing nuclear damage and you couldn’t see it coming; which we all really hated. But I wondered that if you knew the consequences whether it’d be community tolerable to let yourself get hit by that much damage or not on a manual swap?

But it may be too much. I was imagining like… if you swapped in first and got your hit, they have really somewhat become swap denied regardless of their immunity or swoops and what not. Sort of like a tankier titanoboa I guess?

I may drop its savagery damage down if it looks overly ridiculous

Concavenator + Procerathomimus
Type: gallimimus animation
~shielded strike (shield 2 turns)
~nullyfing strike
~distract & Dodge ( priority dodge 75% of the time 66% of the damage 2 turns, distract 50% 1 turn, delay 1 coldown 1)
~definitive counter attack (1x definitive damage)
Hp 3500
Dmg 1350
Speed 131
Armor 0
Crit 0
Idea: a nightmare, with only strikes you might think this creature it’s just a joke until you realise the definitive counter attack + the best defensive kit for this little creature, try you Best taking out this creature
(What do you think?)

Is Rajacerathosaurus little sister

Love it.


I really like the idea. I almost combined it with concavenator too! It’s damage is probably too high though since it has a full definite counterattack at max speed.

I think whatever superhybrid it gets overtime will be a biological weapon of mass destruction without a doubt lol our concepts may not be too far off from what happens for real :flushed:

Imagine having both :thinking::thinking:

Ok, hmmm 1350?

Since you can block the OES with Shields, Armour, Evasion and Distraction, I think it’s fine.