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Superhybrids for the Neglected

I know some lower tier one-off hybrids were created specifically as counters to current metas like Alankylosaurus for the Indom swarms of old, but wouldn’t it be nice if they finally got a career path?

Currently [most of] these guys are thrown to the wayside pretty quickly since they are in limbo whether they’ll get one or not:

Alankylosaurus (Update 1.4)
Ankylocodon (Update 1.3)
Dimodactylus (Update 1.5)
Dracoceratops (Update 1.5)
Skoolasaurus (Update 1.6)
Monolometrodon (Update 1.4)
Suchotator (OG)
Procerathomimus (Update 1.6)
Edmontoguanodon (Update 1.6)
Majundasuchus (OG)
Diplotator (Update 1.3)

I think they should get some love, don’t you guys? I’m not including the 1.8 ones since they are the new kids. I think with the tournaments in the game now it’d do some good to have more epic and legendary rarity choices since some of them are just primed for that. Here’s my ideas for some:


~Minor Rending Attack
~Slowing Impact
~Long Defense
~Armor Piercing Rampage

4700 HP/ 1000 Attack/ 106 Speed
30% Critical/ 25% Armor

~Raking Claws
~Instant Pinning Strike
~Cleansing Swoop
~Swap in Dodge

3000 HP/ 1500 Attack/ 130 Speed
5% Critical/ 0% Armor

~Vulnerability Strike
~Nullifying Impact
~Wounding Rampage(Unused move from 1.4)
~Superiority Impact(New: X1.5, Cleanses Distraction, Slows 50% 1 Turn. CD: 1)

4500 HP/ 1090 Attack/ 116 Speed
20% Crit/ 0% Armor

~Shielded Decelerating Strike
~Ferocious Strike
~Long Invincibility
~Lockdown Impact
~1X Armor Piercing Counterattack
~Swap in Defense

4000 HP/ 1170 Attack/ 110 Speed
0% Armor/ 5% Crit
Diplotator+Dilophosaurus G2

~Nullifying Strike
~Ferocious Impact
~Distracting Strike
~Shattering Strike
~Swap in Distraction

2500 HP/ 1800 Attack/ 127 Speed
5% Crit/ 0% Armor

~Evasive Strike
~Instant Rampage
~Distracting Impact
~Impairing Strike(Unused move from unknown update)
~Swap in Nullify

3400 HP/ 1600 Attack/ 129 Speed

~Defensive Stance
~Stunning Rampage
~Decelerating Impact
~Swap in Stun

5800 HP/ 950 Attack/ 112 Speed
10% Armor/ 5% Crit

Here’s my reasoning for these:

Elasmocodon takes the cockroach to the next level with a huge HP boost for an attainable mid-game immune tank. Easily countered by rending.

Dimorhacos is a late mid-game counter to hybrids with strong priority moves with its high turn 1 damage instant pinning strike, and its ability to move in and out freely let it find its own favorable matchups. Lockdown creatures handle it effectively

Suchoscelis is a multi role bleeder that can actually dish damage instead of the typical 1X Lethal wound, as well as speed control with the hypothetical superiority impact. Struggles with big hitters since it retains no distraction moves

Majatzesuchus gives a mid-game attainable invincibility hybrid and the first epic that features an armor piercing counter attack. It also allows an early counter to swap in attacks with its own SIA defense that would follow with a 1X counter hit. Lack of cleanse makes it vulnerable to status effects

Diplophotor is an easily attainable glass nuke that can be used if timed correctly to deal with swap in threats with its SIA distraction. It may not be able to take much damage, but it can certainly dish it out. Vulnerable to speedsters

Maiamimus is a late-game option for whittling away chompers, able to neutralize those irritating crits completely with impairing strike. Loses speed for bulk from Maiasaura

Brontoguanadon is the definition of beef, with health just shy of apatosaurus, but with some tiny armor to boot. Basically a hit sponge, it’s an easy to create mid-game tank that can ignore hits that would be otherwise lethal to other tanks, given it can regenerate and return for another go. Bleeds and Renders are able to whittle it overtime, the 1 turn delay on R&R allows chances for takedown hits.

TLDR, I know bug fixes and tools are higher priority for most, but with tournaments around I’d like some more diversity. The early hybrids having new superhybrids are also good avenues for lower level players to crack the big leagues, and give unique options to endgame players to counter nuisance metas like ‘rixis vs Thor. Just my thoughts, idk, I just like concepting lol. Stats probably could use tweaking here and there, but I got them as balanced as I could with my own knowledge. Any superhybrids you guys want to see from the thus far unloved crowd? Any of my ideas you’d be down for?


Some nice ideas here and very well thought out.

Really hoping for a Alanky/Scaph hybrid. I saw a nice concept on here somewhere


I’ve been holding out hope for hybrids for these fellas for a long time, I’ve leveled my legendaries to 20 and have them maxed and waiting, I have tons of Diplo/Suchotator to fuse, Edmonto has a big stack of extra DNA from hunting them during their event week, now all I need is someone to give these guys some rad superhybrids.

Particularly Monolometrodon and Alankylo I’d like to get hybrids for. They both were dinos that could be good, but weren’t great, and it’s a chance for a bird hybrid that isn’t utterly underwhelming like the other two uniques. Also, I miss playing Monolo, and I’m a sucker for an immune.


Thanks guys, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they deserve a future.

I agree 100% about Alankylosaurus and Monolo. I felt like it was most important for more epic and legendary options so I did concepts for those first. I’ll try and consider some options for our lost legendaries

I actually have been thinking about a hybrid made of elasmo and ankylocodon for a month

Marsupial Lion+Monolometrodon

~Nullifying Strike
~Rending Takedown
~Ready to Crush
~Distracting Impact
~Minimal Counterattack

3850 HP/ 1090 Attack/ 125 Attack
30% Critical/ 0% Armor

~Precise Decelerating Strike
~Distracting Rampage
~Greater Stunning Rampage
~Swap in Nullify

4470 HP/ 1350 Attack/ 117 Speed
30% Armor/ 5% Crit

~Superiority Strike
~Long Invincibility
~Expose Weak spot
~Swap in Wound

4580 HP/ 1030 Attack/ 126 Speed
25% Armor/ 5% Critical


Metracarnifex is the quintessential king render. Getting the more hefty RtC by sacrificing dodge capability, it can deliver a 93%(assuming my math is right) HP blow if it gets it’s critical when it’s juiced up. Retains its predecessor’s nullifying and distraction moves. Vulnerable to Tyrant tier speedsters.

Skoolasutops can fill a Monostego roll with a first ever triple rampage move set and higher health. While it can’t nullify, it can hit precisely, and keep enemies distracted longer with one move. Vulnerable to tanks, status effects, and immunes.

Alankylognathus fills an unique role of coming in safely to expose enemies to become vulnerable. It can then either rampage&run for a high damage set up, or stall with invincibility against good matchups like Indominus and Erlidominus. Fairly weak against stunners, magna, and lockdowns.

Hopefully these aren’t over or underpowered ideas. It’s much more difficult to skirt that line with unique concepts. I feel like these are some niches that aren’t quite filled yet and could round out the game further. If we ever got community suggested animals in the game that is :upside_down_face: @Ludia_Developers