Superior Vulnerability and Superiority Strike

Does it seem unfair(?) to anyone else that Superior Vulnerability is literally just Superiority Strike plus vulnerability? Now both are good moves, and I personally haven’t experienced any imbalance with this, it just seems like an odd design choice to me. Superior Vulnerability reminds me of Cautious Strike in that it’s a standard move that just does so many things: cleanse distraction, applies 50% speed debuff for one turn, and applies vulnerable for one turn. Granted, most of the creatures with Superior Vulnerability could definitely use the buff over the old Vulnerability Strike (Testa might be an exception here; I know it’s good, but I haven’t had enough experience using/fighting against it to be sure). So should one of Superior Vulnerability’s effects be removed (to put it more in line with Superiority Strike), or is it fine as it is? And if it should be changed, which effect should be removed? I’m honestly not sure what I would do here, so I’m curious what you guys think.

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It is fine. No need to change it.

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There are plenty of ways to work around Superior Vulnerability, and unlike Cautious Strike it can’t bypass Cloak and Evasive abilities. Plus Armor and Shields just render it almost harmless, so the ability is fine as far as I’m concerned. :man_shrugging:


I agree.

I’m very wary of how moves are getting ‘swiss-army knifed’ as a form of power creep (Cautious Strike being the most egregious offender). Superior Vulnerability does not need to cleanse distraction & slow & vulnerability. I’d prefer it to just vulnerability & slow and the dinos that have gain tweaks to balance them out again. It would create more variety.

It already got quite the nerf now that the vulnerability doesn’t apply for the current turn. I feel like cautious strike and persistent ferocious strike are more broken. It’s stronger than superiority strike, but so what?

Same goes for shielded decelerating strike vs decelerating strike, or long defensive strike vs shielded strike. Usually the creature balances out in other ways, there isn’t a single SV creature that’s in tyrant tiers right now


The only thing that really bothered me was how it was given to every dino with Vulnerability Strike - was it really necessary? Even the commons?

It feels a bit insulting knowing that legendary Spinotahsuchus still has “Strike” when these commons are being upgraded.

Spinotasuchus should get defense shattering strike or something since Kapro has it. But I think it was necessary for even the common ankylosaurs to get it, except for scolo, cuz that was already good. Otherwise both gens of Anky are too trash

I think I agree with everyone here. I do find it a bit concerning how the devs are introducing more and more moves with many effects, while some dinos are left with basic strike, but I do find that the overall creatures tend to be balanced even if their individual moves aren’t equivalent. The power creep in strike moves is more concerning for persistent ferocious strike and cautious strike than for superior vulnerability right now. Maybe superior vulnerability could do without the cleanse distract, but there are bigger concerns rn. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Don’t nerf again Bajatonodon with this way he would be the new Monomimus