Superiority Impact


Hey all, first post here. I’ve been seeing alot of people complaining about the steagod, me included even though its my highest level dino. I think the main think that needs fixed is a simple attack, not health, not damage, not how common stegosaurus are. It is just the fact that it is the strongest, and most easy to obtain legendary. This is all due to superiority strike. The tank busters can’t touch it, it can debuff speed, and DoT EVERY move. I was thinking that SS should just be taken off in replace of something else, but that is what makes it a legendary. I thinky it should lose SS for superiority impact. That way it can retain most of it’s legendary attributes, whilst not being too overpowered. It really does need a cool down on how it cleanses itself. The DoT was supposed to help with taking down tanks but I feel like every decent tank has SS? Its hard to run DoT moves when they have a long cool down, yet SS is instant.

Tl:Dr: No att/hp steagod nerf, just add a new move, superiority impact in place of SS, so the cleanse has a cooldown.


No thanks.
There are many tank busters now. I’ve battled a L27 TRex. 1 shotted my Stegod.
Allosino is another.

Use DoT moves against dinos without the ability to cleanse itself. That should be the strategy.

Good luck.


The update they did to DoT is an abomination. No noobs should be able to reap the benefits of the hard work their opponent has done leveling their dinos. If you rely on that move, you deserve to face a team that has all cleansing moves and immune dinos.


Stegodeus is fine. Plenty of counters. Wait till you encounter dinos that can dodge and evade :rofl: