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Superiority strike change inc? -50% speed


Afaik it’s still 33.

For now.


I think its better left at 33%, It shouldn’t cancel out a decell move. This feels like a bad thing


Agree… this would be a huge buff to the non-tanks I think…

Diloracheirus in particular as you won’t be able to slow it down anymore…think vs stegocera, vs stegodeus, vs tuora, vs monostego…

@hersh would love a green chicken buff :joy::joy:

And @CleverBoy wouldnt be able to insta 2 shot it anymore :no_mouth:


I wonder what the point of this is…poor tanks are getting hit hard lately :grimacing:

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Which is their job…get it…cause they’re tanks…




LOL. Dad jokes are the best :joy::joy:

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:joy::joy: yes!

And I was hoping for a tryo buff but sure, I’ll take a dilo buff. Was weak, please buff thx :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

/s + happiness as dilo goes to 27…


Great find!

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Two moves on same dino can’t have same effect - Thago and SS on Stegodeus. What would be the point of Thago then?


Thanks! Wasnt me tbf, was anociraptor. I just wanted to get a discussion going :slight_smile:

So its weird, and the use case is limited, but they do stack so it can be used a few ways:

You thag, they swap out, you sup to regain priority on new dino

You sup, then thag (cause you want that additional turn of slow - like vs this tryko

You mirror, you both thag, you sup to gain priority and hit rampage with shield down.

You sup/rampage to kill, saving thag.

Stuff like that.


@Idgt902 and @TheMaxx what are your thoughts?


I’m not sure yet. I kinda like it because my dilorach is almost 30 and that’ll make it an easy choice when facing something with thagomizer. But i don’t know if it should cancel out other slowing attacks. 33% was fine with me. It takes more strategy.


Very interesting. Have you tested it in a friendly? Wonder if it’s another text change before it’s actually implemented like SS was last time.


Yeah, it would be auto pilot and free 5x dmg.

Text only, my guess is next big update after tourney.

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This change would be huge for tenont. It will be a buff for dilo as well. It may be able to beat stegod now with the correct play. I’m thinking tanks may become less and less if this goes thru in the next update. Tuora will be less useful in certain matchups. But hopefully a change to it’s moveset will come as well. Always excited for new challenges

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Take a look at drac 2! 2 turn no swap


Seen that lol

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is it active?


1.6 is my guess. Usually the text comes prior to any major update.

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Slowing impact will be on a 2 turn CD as well if this is correct. Which will be good for stegoc and tuora and monost