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Superiority strike change inc? -50% speed

In some matchups this would be problematic. Stegodeus vs Stegodeus will again become SS spamming contest if SS can cancel out Thago.

erlidominus :smiling_imp:

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Evil! :sob::sob::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

This is really stupid? Why are they chaning this?

Before if your dino had a move like decelerating strike or thagomizer you would go first against an enemy who used superiorty strike.

Now you would use a better slow but still end up last on turn because superiorty strike is -50%. Makes no sense.

Nerf Superiority Strike. Buff Superiority Strike. Make up your mind Ludia!


tuora needs armor!

I think it’s a bad move. 50% slowing moves are set with numerous different cooldowns for the reason that that is quite a power play, but giving it in a basic attack? That would essentially make it Decelerating Impact without the cooldown, but just 1x rather than 1.5x. But that diminishes the value of dinos with Stunning Impact, Thagomizer, etc. There’s no balance to it. Ludia would be backpedaling if this does get implimented.

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Personally I am a fan of the Stunning Impact route. It does kinda give Thagomizer the shaft, but with that in mind Stegodeus also has 2 slows in SS. Whereas dinos like Stegocera & Monostego get relegated to multiple basic attacks due to the long CDs of their kit…although this would probably launch Stegocera to an absurd status :laughing:

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Slowing impact with a 2 turns cooldown would be a greatly appreciated change. There was a post about balancing slowing impact and his too long cooldown. If this change will occur, i think that also thagomizer will need some change, because would be a slowing impact with a 1 more turn of cooldown, again nonsense. Maybe a speed reduction over 50% could balance things out, also because with this buff to superiority strike, dinos linke utarinex (let’s see if the rampage nerf will come true), diloracheirus and stuff like that will lose the most important counters (stegod, stegocera, monostego ecc), and this will need another nerf in the future because people will surely complain… and so on and so on…
So i’m ok with the buff of slowing impact but disagree with the ss buff if things remain like now.
Also, if all rampages have a turn delay (and the change of distracting rampage is going in this direction) why don’t change immediatly also decelerating rampage, which has no delay right now??

I can’t honestly see what difference, if any it will make to have all slowing moves at -50% speed.

However if you stack a Thagomiser/Slowing Impact and a Superiority Strike you could technically nerf an opponent to -100% speed for a turn. Which is funny but utterly useless (unless maybe countering a speed-up strike creature IDK).

That change is listed

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The difference is that dinos with SS will be able to compensate for 1 turn the loss of speed against opponents with better slowing moves like Thagomizer… The impact that this will have on battle, we’ll have to see.

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With the speed indicator always screwed up you never know who is going first anyways. Maybe they have the speed increase/decrease as RNG too


If you mean decelerating rampage, then no, it has no delay right now…

Slowing impact has a two turn cooldown listed now

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I never understood these moves that do exactly the same thing but have different cooldown. A little unfair.

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Geez no wonder I keep losing…I had no idea these got nerfed…guess am gonna stop.powering up the Dracorex gen 2 now since it wont be worth it any more

It hasn’t happened yet. It was just a text change. It won’t take effect until the next update.

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I just saw it was reverted back to -33%. And yes, I remember seeing that at -50% last night.

Am I seeing things lately?

Still shows 50 for me :frowning: