Superiority Strike Enabled Dinos Need To Be Re-balanced


Superioriy Strike is becoming a massive problem. Most of the dinos who were given Superiority Strike also have either a speed reduction ability, a wound ability, a counterattack or sometimes combination of multiple of these. Superiority Strike itself is too much in one maneuver. This has created a massively unbalanced system. These dinos needed some buffing, absolutely, but this appears to have been an incredibly heavy-handed, attempt at a solution that was clearly applied blindly and recklessly. I was previously making regular purchases, and now I am hardly on this game anymore because of this situation. I can no longer enjoy the game constantly battling the same team (Stego, Suchotator, Giraffititan, etc) over and over again.

I have no issue with losing to other players, when it’s the result of skillful, intelligent play, or at times a really lucky draw. I enjoyed playing vs players who I could clearly tell were thinking through how to use the abilities of their dinos to counter me. A lot of times I friended people who I lost to because I enjoyed their methods. But this is different.

The fact that almost everybody immediately ran out and spent DAYS farming stegosaurus and any other Superiority Strike enabled dino’s DNA well beyond the intended hybridization levels (way beyond 15) should have been a pretty glaring, broad hint to any attentive GM even partially monitoring the game.
If this isn’t addressed soon, I will definitely be deleting this game because it’s just not entertaining seeing the same team repeatedly. I have already completely removed any links to any purchase ability from this game for the time being. Another hint for you may be from responses to this post. Try checking the collections of those who seem very opposed or bothered by this post, which does not contain any insults, name calling etc.


I can’t remember playing against anyone with anything different to the typical team . I guess the game makers need time to see what works and what doesn’t over time . There needs to be a radical restructure to the Dino’s and their abilities or we will just have the top thousand players , then the next thousand etc… with exactly the same Dino’s . Which ultimately makes the game pointless from a battling perspective .
Look at the top 500 and their teams , same Dino’s again and again . Let’s up the stats on more types , with some new moves and shake it all up a bit .


Tough dinos have that move, so of course people will be using them. You have to adapt to what Ludia throws at you or you’ll end up here in the forum making posts like this. I was actually gonna use Gigaspikasaur instead of Stegodeus originally because I liked it more, but Stegodeus started beasting it’s way to the top so I had to switch. I was already farming tons of Stego DNA though because my highest level dino is Stegoceratops. And with the DoT moves getting an unfair buff in the upcoming update, superiority strike is a MUST.


I can’t agree that Superiority Strike is that OP of a move, or a problem. Its strong sure, but its not all powerful and godly. Not even all that many dino’s have it. All of 14, to the best of my knowledge, and I don’t see half of these that do have it ever in the arena. Out of the other 7, two or three of those that do have it I don’t see often. Admittedly I’m only in the Marshes atm, and will fully admit that I’m aware things will change as I continue to advance. That being said, taking a look at the top 20 teams (as of writing this), there was an average of 2 dinos with Superiority Strike on each team, with a couple teams having one, and several teams having 3 (most often seeing Steodeus, Diloranosaurus, and Tragodistis). Its definitely not a game breaking move, just one you need to be aware of and be ready for it to happen when a dino is out that has it. Heck, the top three dinos with it on the top 20 teams are ones I’m already seeing regularly and don’t find that hard to counter or plan for, unless they are truly thinking outside the box in how they play. If the move did more than 1.0 damage, or slowed for more than one turn, yeah, I could see it being said to need nerfing then. But it doesn’t. And that’s the achilles heel of the move. It doesn’t do nearly as much damage as could be done otherwise with other moves, and the slow only lasts one turn. It can be a good setup move itself, but again, this can be planed for and taken into account when planning your own moves.

I think something everyone who’s posted thus far hasn’t considered is that realistically, the game is still fairly new. There have been more dino’s and hybrids added already with previous updates, and if you haven’t taken the time to look, there’s about to be a whole new class of dino’s introduced along with new hybrids and an entirely new type of ability (swap in ability). Also, dots have been retooled to do damage based on the %age of the targets health, instead of based on the damage of what’s applying the dot. Yes, it can still be cleansed, but if you play correctly it can still be a large chunk of damage done while forcing your opponent to waste a turn cleansing it. In case you havent seen what’s coming, here’s a link: