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Superiority Strike Fix or Buff Dilo Health

Something is messed up when my level 26 Diloracheirus gets face smashed by a level 21 Diloracheirus, simply because it’s lower level so it can use superiority strike to clean up the job. Either one of the following should be looked at by Ludia: 1) Add some Health to Diloracheirus or 2) Superiority Strike needed to be reassessed. It alone is a pretty strong basic attack. Cleanse, slow & full 1x damage. Or third alternative is consider a different basic attack for Diloracheirus, but I feel like that with Dilo being so frail it needs Superiority Strike to cleanse of impairments…though even that’s tricky to capitalize on considering Diloracheirus is faster than most dinos, so by the time Dilo can use SS it’s probably dead.

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It can have a new move called cleansing strike maybe?

Gorgosuchus has a move that is a cleansing strike.

It has cleansing impact, not a strike.

You’re right. I was just thinking it’s the same concept so a cleansing strike wouldn’t be completely new.

Yeah thats the problem whit that skill my lvl 30 stegodeus can be defeated by lower lvl one by this skill if played correctly, superior strike is a unnecesary and broken skill, raptors was well counter by tragomizer before this skill was released, ss is just a overkill for they and made useles a lot dinos like DoT ones or control dinos.
A easy solution is ss only clean but dont slow the opponent by this way you can clean the 2 turns debuffs but cant outspeed the enemy for free, or a 10% slow by this way a stegodeus cant be faster than indoraptor whit ss, and force him to use tragomizer instead just spam ss and armor piercing rampage


I agree with this whole concept. It just doesn’t make sense how a Dino that’s outleveled a same Dino, still implimenting tact strategy, should be taken down by a Dino lower levels than its twin counterpart

yeah happens with stegodeus every time. endless superiority strike battle :sleeping:

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The trick in stegodeus vs stegodeus is cast shield after the enemy cast his shield xd

Perhaps don’t use your superiority strike in such a predictable way? Part of the skill factor is knowing what attacks to use and WHEN!

You should be using it every turn because it gives you 2 hits in a row

Clearly if a person is doing this with their higher level one and losing to a lower one they should alter their game plan?

Maybe throw in a shield or something else once in a while to throw off the usual way the fight ends.

But I’m no expert so I may be wrong :joy:

You shouldn’t be losing but you won’t have much hp left. You still want to superiority strike and do a move. Not just a move. And save your rampage for when their shield is in cool down is key.

I like it when people complain about the lack of use of strategy in this game then at the same time complain when their higher level dino lose to a lower level dino when the other player uses strategy… just saying.


There is no strategy here only an op skill what give advantage to lower level dino lol, in stego vs stego dont mattter a lot but how you use strategy in dilonacheirus vs dilonaro when dilonaro just do ss and greater attack and kill you in 2 hits?

Maybe dont use it as a starting dino. Later rounds dino you can stun and kill if you are a higher level and already did 1 move. Or dont choose to use it against a lower lvl deilo when your other dino died.

I’m sorry but since you first said superiority strike is the problem and then said dilo NEEDS superiority strike, it really sounds like your only problem with superiority strike is that it caused you to lose :sweat_smile:

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You mean I shouldn’t be using my distracting impact then superiority strike? Or any move that gets followed up by superiority strike so they get the advantage because they’re lower level than me? Silly me, what was I thinking…

My problem is a level 21 Diloracheirus shouldn’t be in a position to face roll a level 26 Diloracheirus simply because it’s lower level.

I don’t use it as a starting Dino. I wouldn’t be 5th place if I did.