Superiority strike is too much


It is so annoying this cleanse and slow, this really needs a nerf it counters almost everything, for example Dino who rely on dmg reduction or speed like erlikosaur or raptors they have low hp and their dmg reduction is what prevents them from being useless crap, superiority cleanse + slow counters both, take someone who rely on slowing effects NOPE, cleanse + slow, take someone who have really strong bleed, cleanse + slow, makes almost every Dino useless. For me only 1 thing should stay and this is slowing effect, it would still counter fast dinos but wouldn’t make them useless crap, cleansing spam is too much, cleansing impact for me is well designed skill with cooldown, but attack with no cooldown that you can spam and it also slowing down is too much, another option for me is to give superiority strike chance for slow like stunning strike, but i think that removal od cleanse would be better, what do you think about it?


What do I think ? Another whinning post without serious explanation. A mechanic could be broken and you can explain why but all I read here is “I don’t know how to play against superiorty strike it’s too strong nerf it plz”
You speak of raptors but hopefully it counters them because it was designed that way :roll_eyes:

Immune dinosaurs don’t care at all about superiority strike :sunglasses:
Superiority Strike is 1x damage attack. If they do it they sometimes don’t use their 1,5 or 2x attack
You can counter it with your own superiority :innocent:

It’s a strong move and a very interesting one where you can bluff. It’s not because some players don’t know how to use it/counter it that everyone should be punished. Let’s make only moves that do raw damages and just press buttons.
My 2 cents.


If you can’t beat em, join em.
Go grab a Stegosaurus of your own (they are the easiest to dart :dart: and for me the most prevalent dinosaur in the game).
I’m too much of a snob to use a common Dino though.


I have legendary dinos, but love my steg to much to let him go. He’s just to reliable in battle. He’s not overly exciting, but he gets the job done.


I think OP has a good point here. Too many dinosaurs have superiority strike, which hard counters debuffers like erlikosaurus, koolasuchus etc. It was created to counter pounce, which it does, but it also counters so many others. I would just like to use my koolasuchus but its utterly crap when so many dinosaurs have superioriy strike.


I don’t understand this. How does superiority strike counter pounce when using stego. Isn’t thatgomizer the better move. You still slow 50% but do 1.5X damage. I have heard this multiple times but don’t get it


@Jhkues You could use thatgomizer but your effective damage will be around 75 of your standard amount because pounce reduces your attack by 50% which cleansing strike removes. It’s better to go with superiority strike then thatgomizer. Usually two superiority strikes can take down a raptor though.