Superiority Strike Needs A Nerf

Ok… we need to talk about this. It’s unfair and ruins the game… Raptor: Pounce[]Stego: Superiority Strike… it takes away the strategy of the game and makes it harder… Cleansing strike would be ok… but slowing AND cleansing strike isn’t good…


I actually agree superiority strike is extremely overpowered for a base attack. But cleansing strike wont let you kill raptor next turn. And if it was just slowing, then that’s what thagomizer is for. It seems like to me they like to keep their commons powerful. First was raptor, and now everyone at stage 5 these days still has a common stego. Because it pretty much can kill every raptor in the game by itself (excluding usino cuz he can instant charge which also resets your speed next turn). I also think superiority strike needs to change the speed % because even a a raptor at 132 cant beat the slowest dinosaur. Might as well been 100% decrease in speed anyways, you will always go second no matter what your speed is, if we drop 33% to maybe 20% it would feel fairer to me.

Edit: just thought maybe we just take away speed percentages and just apply a numerical value to speed lost. For example: superiority strike could decrease 20 speed from the dinosaur instead of 20%. At the moment theres no difference between 33% 50% or 100%(not that it exists)


Use Immune dinos.
Problem solved.
Don’t complain about others dinos. If the move is great, create one dino which has the move and level it up.
So, others have good dinos, you have it too.
It is satisfying winning with a good strong team; not winning when others dinos are weakened.

Use the forum to raise issues in regard to the game mechanics i.e. spawn rates and times, supply drop and strike tower issues, bugs in the arena.

Or possibly some good ideas on new dinos.


Ok, first of all, I could use immune dinos, but I choose not to. Not everyone has immune dinosaurs, and I can’t go all immune… So dont come to this topic just to correct everyone because you dont agree.

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And it is a game mechanic…

And because of small time player like you who always complained those who have spent so much time and money pay the price.

So, bottomline, don’t be selfish.



And when you put up something on the forum, it is open for others to comment.

Otherwise keep your thoughts to yourself.


The whole reason they created SS in the first place was because Raptors and other super fast Dinos were sweeping teams by themselves, simply because they always got to go first AND nerfed the enemy dinosaurs damage to boot!
Just look at raptor vs Trex, raptor does pounce (probably nearly killing it and nerfing its damage), Trex uses its attack which even with a critical MAY not kill the raptor, then raptor uses Strike and finishes off the Trex…this is how things went/would go if we didn’t nave SS.

Teams would be VeloRaptor, Utahraptor and some other raptor. Not a good time to be playing!

Also the 3 different speed decreasing attacks do actually do something, because if you use a 50% and they only use a 33% then one Dino will definitely be going faster! So it does actually matter which is used!


First of all, I’ve been playing this game since it came out. I also don’t buy anything in the game with real money… you can’t buy dinosaurs with money, so why did you explain that? Also, this is about Superiority Strike, and if you don’t like what is said, don’t respond to this…

You can’t expect to post something on a forum and have everyone agree with you. The point of it is to discuss different opinions if you don’t want any that are different to your own then email ludia directly.


superiority strike doesnt decide every match. find a way to beat it and move on dude… and since you dont spend money its going to take you awhile good luck.

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Makes it harder for you or the player who uses superiority strike ? :smiley:

If your strategy is disrupted, then change it. The game is not supposed to change its rules because your strategy is not working anymore. We all adapt. Other players have adapted. Why can’t you?

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I was hoping 1.4 would end tank meaning Stegod Tragod meta. But we shouldn’t bring back 1.2 raptor meta. We need to pick a new meta class and find a way to refresh the game.

Want to play raptor then Indoraptor Sinoraptor are Apex. And will chew up Stegod even when giving a few levels away. But they can’t bring back vanilla pounce to victory.

I actually did find a way to beat it… I’m the one using it and I’m starting to think its unfair.

I know that… I didn’t want everybody to agree… everybody is being a jerk about their opinion, so go talk to them directly… this topic is about Superiority Strike…

superiority strike does its job. and there are dinos that counter it. just play the game.

Not “everybody” is being a jerk :wink: cough Stiffeno cough :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok… let me reword that…
60% of the people here are jerks about their opinion…

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including you lol

No u :yum:… I’m actually not a jerk… you just need to know this topic is about Superiority Strike and the opinions about it… I don’t intend this topic to be a complaint topic… I want it to be a topic to share what we think about it…