Superiority Strike Nerf Coming?

@Poke_Fodder just eluded to this in his latest video upload.


Well, the way they keep nerfing stuff at the drop of a hat is definitely making it easier for me to quit the game at some point.

That new ghost game is looking pretty promising anyway


Already downloaded myself haha

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I don’t think this is needed. I am using my suchotator, which can kill, or at least heavily wound and prepare stegodeuses for my gorgosuchus with ease already.

Stegodeus has two slowing down moves. Once he is faster than suchotator, you deal him a wounding strike and he can’t cleanse it that turn.

yeah i just saw fodders video this isnt cool if it doesn’t cleanse speed decrease anymore im not feeling it always nerfing these dinos

If it only cleanses distraction now, I think that also means it won’t clean wounding strikes anymore?

People who want the herbivores nerfed should be happy now

I told you guys. Only level Draco gen 2. They won’t nerf that one! It’s safe for life


I don’t know if you read this or even care about us Ludia, but for FTP players your constant “balancing” sucks. All my coins I spend on dinos that are good according to how the game is at the moment come from those endless spins I have to visit. How about testing Superiority Strike before you put it in the game and find out beforehand whether or not it was too good?

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Yeah if it doesn’t cleanse speed decrease my dilo is done for. She already had her damage nerfed. Now her speed? Not feeling that at all :sob:

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If it can’t cleanse wounds, just stack speedy wounders, everything can bleed to death. All they needed to do for superiority strike is remove its slowing effect


Coming from Hearthstone, I believe not only is balancing needed, it can be used to keep the meta from getting stale. That’s the goal anyways.

That being said, I don’t think this is an upcoming nerf. They also changed the name of critical distraction or whatever Such A Tator does, but the move itself didn’t change. (Also, P2W games will always benefit paying players. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.)

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But wasn’t that the point of SS? To end the speed advantage of raptors as well as the distraction ability?

The name changed but what it did didn’t, but it was a name change not a description change like superiority strike.

It wasn’t for anything. Every nerf and buff is just with the intention to keep battle arena looking like it’s still fresh, regardless of whether they know what they are doing.

This is very worrying. As this will impact so many dinos.

Dilo hybrid and unique will be done for. Meta will be to put as many bleeders no matter the level into the team. And get as much immune dino in the team.

Can they please STOP the nerfing and start the BUFFING of counter dinos??? Make the counter able to counter when they are 3-4 levels below instead of having them able to counter when they are 1-2 below and all set. Or bump up the spawn rates of epics so people can reliably level the counters instead of nerfing every dino and changing meta every month.


Nerf Dino’s stuck in strike towers.
Nerf non-migration migrationing.
Nerf over priced everything.

Leave the dino alone!


I’m always against nerfing moves.

If the objective is for counters, then, buff or create new dinos.

Most of us have spent a lot of resources and time to build our team. Only to learn that our team got nerfed later.

If they keep on with the nerfing strategy, I am for sure be out of the door - sooner than soon.

I can still accept most of the bugs since the game is still new. But so far nothing much has been done to rectify these problems i.e. dinos still spawn inside the strike tower, the speed indicator is incorrect when battling, etc.

Instead of rectifying these issues, the devs make changes to nerf dinos spawn rate, change the spawn timing i.e
Apato, change dinos spawn place i.e. Eini, etc. changes which does not improve gaming experience.


@dinogame @fsufian They nerf because it’s a lazy and cost effective way for them make more money. Without having to spend additional resources to figure out how to come up with new moves or make counters stronger, a simple act of nerfing can render many dinos useless and force players to spend on other dinos that are already in existence. It’s a somewhat clever though unwelcoming business strategy on their part that can be easily and conveniently hidden behind the guise of “listening to the players” who cried for nerfs. It’s really unfortunate and it won’t be the last time either


I understand what you are saying. As long as it doesnt turn off that many players, they will keep doing this.

Looks like it’s already active in game.

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