Superiority Strike


Why is Postimetrodon immune to superiority strike and Ankylocodon isn’t?


They have different parents so their genes are different.


Their jeans are different? :wink:


Postimetrodon prefers skinnies and ankylocodon is more of a bootcut kinda guy.


Lord have mercy Ankys got her blue genes on.

(Points if anyone can get that reference)


Heaven help us ankys got her blue jeans on


Haha I’m surprised anyone got that!! Well done! :+1::grin:


Another question, why can you superiority strike a dino if you are inferior to it? i feel like you should have to be a higher level than it to use this strike.

so dumb to take level 24 stegodeus into the arena against a lower one and there’s nothing you can do to prevent the lower level one from getting 2 hits in a row with superiority strike. when you are the superior dino.


That’s because it’s not “Superiority Dino Strike.” It’s Superiority Strike. It’s the name of the attack, not an indicator for how cool the dinosaur is.


kind of needs to be called mediocre strike now. someone said it cleanses your own shield, which i didn’t believe, just tested it and it actually does.